How do you float like a ghost in meez?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How do you float like a ghost in meez?
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How do you float in the air on meez?

You say "ommm" (excatly like that) and say the M's 3 times then you will float.

What are some cheats for meez?

sit down and say ommm and you will float

Can ghost float?


How do you dress like Michael Jackson on meez?

how do you dress like Michael Jackson on meez

Games like meez?

Games like meez are like Imvu , Habbo , Weeworld <3 Haahaaaaa, :)

How to make your meez float while standing?

There is two ways to float: type in "ommm" or... float for a few seconds by typing in "holloo". Hope that was helpful; Add me: asdfghjklheartz cx enjoy your floatiness o_o

What does a meez gift card look like?

It should look like a girl singin and it should have meez on it

Are there any other websites like meez?

There is Zwinky but my name on meez is princesshenry!

Is there another website like meez?

yess there is its called go there and it is better than meez.

How do you get your character to float on meez?

go to 'meezmaker' and type in 'floating'. It should come up with the action. ^_^=Happy o_o=Shocked *_*=knocked out

How do you buy a house on meez?

go to my meez than go to my room if u didnt make one it will say make a meez room or some like that

Do you have to pay to have a meez?

You don't have to pay to make a meez. You only have to pay to be vip, which is like a super-membership.