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How do you flush sealant from the engine?


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2008-01-15 17:04:22

I dont think you can flush sealent from the engine unless its disasembled and possibly hot tanked. The sealent is going to be hard to break down without drastic measures in most cases. Hot tanking the engine uses either a type of corosive chemical or it uses very hot water and soap. The chemical hot tank is becoming less comon because the chemicals are dangerous and almost not worth using because of cost. The block is the most important because you dont want any oil ports blocked or any new parts are going to end up wearing out without the oil lubricating the bearings. Otherwise be carefull when using sealent and clean all excess with a rag or towel


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Engine sealant????? Total waste of money and will do nothing but possibly harm your engine. Do not pour any engine sealant or additive in your expensive engine.

Do you mean flush the oil (not recommended) or flush the coolant?

No they are completely different. A engine flush will only clean the engine a transmission flush will only clean the transmission. These two components use two different kinds on fluid therefor they can not be mixed together.

Add Engine Flush to the motor oil at running temperature before changing the oil. After adding the product, allow the engine to idle for approx. 10 minutes. Then change the oil and the filter. Engine Flush is compatible with all commercially available motor oils. We recommend cleaning the engine interior with Engine Flush before every oil change.

Not far, anyway. The engine flush is not engine oil ... its only purpose is to, hopefully, clean the inside of the engine areas. That's why it's called "Engine Flush" and not "Engine Oil". Get it out and put the new oil in soon.

Shop for BlueDevil/16 oz. pour-n-go head gasket sealant 00209 with confidence at AutoZone.com.

You will not damage the engine but you can damage the radiator if you use any high pressure. If you only flush and apply no pressure you will do no damage. Use a chemical flush and a water hose and you will be safe.

To flush an engine of coolant in the engine of a Kian Spectra refer to the manual. Auto manuals can be purchased at auto part retails or in bookstores.

You still need to flush the engine block and heater core.

You need the sealant on the ends where the supplied gaskets don't cover fully.

An engine flush can be done by draining the coolant system. Disconnect the top and bottom radiator hoses, and keep filling the top hose outlet with the engine running, allowing the water to run through and flush the system. Take care to not run the engine too long or it will overheat.

How do you seal a leaking oil sump in 2c toyota diesel engine

I do it befor every oil change, and my engine is very silent

If both surfaces are clean and flat and you are using a new gasket, no sealant is necessary.

Do it yourself engine transmission flush and filter change on 2005 Chevy silverado 5.3?"

i believe it is about 8 quarts to flush and fill the system. i believe it is about 8 quarts to flush and fill the system.

A motor flush is designed to help clean any sludge from the engine. A cleaner system will make fluids flow easier, and make the engine last longer.

If coolant is rusty or dirty - yes

No, the flush oil is to clean the parts of the engine that are oiled. If you put it in the fuel tank it will block up tour fuel filters and your carburettors.

You can flush the block thru the line to the heater core at the firewall. This will flush the heater core also.

Some head gaskets come with a coat of "Copper coat" sealant already on it. You can use copper coat on a head gasket safely. I prefer "Indian Head Shellac" myself. Just be sure to completely clean the heads first, and apply the sealant liberally. If you use too much, you can damage your engine by the sealant leaking into the engine itself.

First buy a can of flush to put in your engine oil. then run your engine for a few days to get hot and breakdown the sludge and varnish inside the engine. Change the engine oil while it is hot and refill with good quality oil. I always use castrol synthetic as a personal preference.

Under the engine compartment seat, hook to cylinder head flush kit.

Take it to your nearest service station and have a radiater flush done "out with the old in with the new" Major correction to that answer.... 92 cad Seville sts w/ 4.9L V8 REQUIRES a dealer-issue sealant to be added w/ new anti-freeze, FAILURE to use the sealant will result in engine damage. REMEMBER, YOU DID NOT BUILD THIS CAR, GM DID, AND THEY WANT ALL THE CASH THEY CAN GET OUT OF YOU... IRON HEADS ON AN ALUMINUM BLOCK (NOT DESIGNED FOR HIGH TORQUE VALUES) W/O THE SEALANT MEANS YOU WILL BE CALLING ME TO TOW YOU OFF THE FREEWAY TO GIVE YOU THAT NEW CAR FEELING...

Buy one of the "flush in a can" products and follow the directions exactly. if you want to do a machine flush your dodge dealer should be able to help you out. it wont be cheap, expect to pay between $100 and $150 for the flush and an oil change.

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