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i just flushed my radiator on my 2001 impala

if your car hasn't hasn't been flushed in a while, i recommend adding a radiator cleaner and driving a day or 2 to help break-up gunk..

1. remove plastic protector under radiator and fans (5 screws)

2. carefully unscrew butterfly screw under the radiator( very hard to find on this vehicle but it's on the driver side) ( use an adjustable wrench because screw is very tight from factory!)

3. let all coolant drain

4. add new anti-freeze at a 50% to 70% coolant-water ratio depending on average temp in your area.

5. start car with heater on to remove any air from radiator

Flush1. Park the vehicle on a level surface with engine switched off and heater switch turned to on position. Cover the engine to protect it from splashes.

2. Take off the radiator cap. Turn tap at bottom of radiator to let water out and disconnect upper and lower radiator hoses.

3. Inspect the condition of the hoses. If they are brittle or soggy replace them with new ones.

4. Inspect the old liquid that comes out of the radiator. If it is clean, that's good. If it's dirty, especially if it's brown with rust, the system needs an extra special flushing. Whatever happens flush the system anyway.

5. Put the water hose into the top of the radiator and let it gently flush through for a while, hopefully until the water runs clean again.

6. Put the hose in the bottom radiator outlet and reverse flush. Then flush from the top again .

7. Flush through the engine cooling jacket to remove any deposits.

8. With a very dirty radiator use a can of radiator flush. This involves putting the hoses back on, topping up with water again, inserting the flush treatment and running the engine for a while to loosen corrosion deposits. Then you empty the radiator again and flush again with a water hose, as previously described.

9. When flushing is completed, close radiator tap, refit hoses and fill radiator with 50/50 mix of the proper coolant and distilled water.

10. Before replacing the radiator cap, check its condition. If it is old or rusted, put a new one on.

11. Bleed the system to remove any trapped air.

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Q: How do you flush the radiator on a 2001 Chevrolet Impala?
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