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press rt to fly up lt to fly down then move the L stick up to go forword

Ok first of all, pressing back changes views. The two best views in my opinion, are first person from inside the helicopter, and from the side where the camera is under the left machine gun. To find these views, press left on the right analog to change views while in cinematic mode. Scroll through til you find the one you want, then press down on the right analog to lock it in place. While in those views, you cannot use the right analog to control yourself. You must use the left analog to look up and down. And the RB and LB for looking right and left. To aim use your bullets to guide you. It takes practise to be pro with this but its worth it. In online play you can own.

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How can you mod a helicopter on Grand Theft Auto-IV?

search in on your computer how to mod helicopter in gta iv

How do you lock on in a Helicopter on GTA IV?

As far as I know u can't. Usually I just fly around without locking

Can you fly planes in gta IV?

you can but its hard to find out how to get in one if you want a helicopter than type in 3595552899 or its either 359 5552890

Is there a helicopter that you can fly in gta liberty?


Can you mod a helicopter into a jetpack on Gta-IV?

Type in the Nico's phone 087745550973

What is the helicopter cheat for GTA IV?


What is the cheat for a helicopter on GTA IV?


What is the helicopter cheatcode for gta iv?

359-555-0100 is the Annihilator

Where can you get a army helicopter in vice city psp?

you can't get a army helicopter in gta vc because you can't fly in gta vc psp

Is there a jetpack cheat for gta iv?

No, But there is a cheat for a Police helicopter ( It has chain guns ) And if you mod it you can turn the Helicopter into a Jetpack.

How do you get a plane ticket on GTAiv?

Unlike GTA San Andreas, where CJ could buy a ticket and fly to various airports; GTA IV does not have the same ability. But Niko can always "borrow" a helicopter and fly himself to the various islands of Liberty City.

What is the helicopter cheat in gta vice city stories?

No there no such cheat code.You can just fly the helicopter in the city.

What is there helicopter code gta vice city?

There is no such code or cheat to get helicopter in VC.You can get helicopters in the city and fly in them.

How do you fly an airplane in Grand Theft Auto IV?

You cannot fly airplanes in GTA IV, only helicopters.

How do you fly in GTA sa?

plaNE helicopter flying car cheat

What controls do you use to fly a helicopter in gta vice city?


On gta 3 what is the cheat code to drive a helicopter?

On GTA, the cheat code to fly a helicopter is "wingwheeled." This particular cheat is available for all versions of the game.

Can you get a helicopter in GTA LCS?

i think you can because i can but it's hard to fly one :)

How do you get to a tall building in gta vcs?

Fly to it using a helicopter and land on the roof.

How do you fly a helicopter in gta san andreas?

you can do anything but i also dont know how to do it!

How do you enter a building in gta vice city?

get a helicopter and fly on it and theres a door

Can you fly a plane or a helicopter on Grand Theft Auto China town wars for the ds?

no you can not fly a helicopter or plane on GTA China town wars for the ds

What is the biggest thing to drive in GTA iv?

i would say the tug boat or the armed helicopter.

Can you fly a plane or a helicopter on GTA china town wars for the PSP?

in the psp version you can fly a helicopter using a cwcheat it will be on your garage but the problem is the helicopter fly up the helicopter do not drive backwards so the garage door will close so your stuck in tha garage

Can you fly planes on gta iv?

Unfortunetl, no, there are no flyable planes in GTA4