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The best way really is to keep it simple. You can build a functional helicopter out of some very basic household items.

Craft sticks




Masking tape


The propeller can be picked up from an online craft store. It will be a plastic blades with a small cap that will slide over your craft stick. They are usually less than a dollar.

You will also need a pair of pliers.

Draw out a basic helicopter shape on your cardstock. About 1.5 inches tall and 7 inches long seems to be a good size. Different sizes will make it act different ways when it is time to fly. Cut it out, set it aside.

Slide your propeller onto your craft stick. It will help to put a drop of glue on first if you have any. If it fits snugly, you don't really need it. This will be your top end.

Bend your paperclip so it is open at a 90 degree angle. Set one side flat against the other end of the craft stick, and tape it on.

Tape your helicopter cutout to the craft stick. Put in on the opposite side from your paperclip.

Take your rubberband and stretch it from the hook that will be on the propeller to the paperclip. Attach it to each. You can experiment with different sizes, lengths, or even how many rubberbands you use.

Next, you just wind the propeller until the rubberband is spiraled and let it go.

See the related link for a video with tips on how to launch your helicopter.

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first you charge the helicopter then you get the remote and move up the right stick, the left stick is to turn.

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Read the instructions, or search the company's name on Google.

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it is easy

forward= 9 (on the numpad)

backward=6 (on the numpad)

the up arrow points the heli up

the down arrow points the heli down

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Q: How do you fly the RC helicopter in vice city PC game?
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Well, I've played this game at my friends house. All I remember how to get a helicopter is by climbing up all the ladders and rooftops that you can, but, I do not recommend flying the helicopter.

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you cant fly unless u get a helicopter or airplane

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There is no such feature in the game to fly from San Andreas to Vice City or Vice-Versa. In fact San Andreas was not even made when Vice City was released.

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There isn't any cheat by which you can helicopter in the game.You can Google for the locations of the helicopter.After that you can follow the map to reach there and then fly the helicopter.

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