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There's a move deleter in blackthorn city he can remove hm moves.


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in blackthorn city there is a house full of people that can teach moves to pokemon, make pokemon forget moves etc;

There is a move deleter who can make pokemon forget HM moves.

you go to blackhorn city and there you will find a place there

Yes you can trade them over but they won't be able to forget the HM moves until you find the move deleter.

in Blackthorn city is a move deleter

It is in a house next to a Pokémon center, in Blakthorn City.

goldenrod and celadon department store.

you have to get to blackthorn city first

You need the Pokeflute, but I forget where it is.

hydro pump, hydro cannon and two defensive moves.

the guy who teaches moves to Pokemon is in blackthorn city

You can find them hidden in pathways were you are suppose to pass

No but you can Transfer Pokemon from Soul-Silver to Pokemon Black.

It's only proper weakness is dragon type moves

I recommend the use of a Dark or Psychic Pokemon or a Pokemon with those moves.

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

According to there are 493 Pokemon in Soul Silver.

You give it to a pikachu to power up it's moves.

earth, fire, and grass are all super affective to quagsire in Pokemon soul silver

no you can not get it in pokemon soul silver but you can by trading from someone who has got heatan

You can't get darkrai in Pokemon soul silver or heart gold

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

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