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How do you format the phone memory of Nokia 6303?

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how to format nokia 6303 phone memory

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Can you use a MicroSD for photos on a cell phone for MP3 files?

Yes. Of course. A MicroSD card is like a hard drive of a phone. You can store any files in it if the phone supports that format. For example Nokia 6600 and Nokia 6303 have a memory slot; you can store pics in the phone by the memory card which can be viewed on the phone but if you store mp3 files only the Nokia 6303 will play the files because the Nokia 6600 hasn't got a mp3 player.

Torch on Nokia 6303?

no there is no torch in this mobile phone.........

Can you use songs as your ringtone in Nokia 6303?

Yes, you can in any Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia 6303 is a good phone or not?

i have this phone i thing this is good b'coz it have 3.2 mp camera with flash and it can play .avi files and 2gb memory card is free with it........

How do you break memory card password of NOKIA 6303 classic?

How to remember restore factory seating passward in nokia 6303classc

What features does the Nokia 6303 phone have?

The Nokia 6303 is a great little phone. It's small and light weight. It comes with a sim card, you can download mp3 ringtones to the phone. It's blue tooth accessible. It has a 13.5 MP camera with autofocus and flash, you can also record videos.

What is the difference between a Nokia 6303 and a Nokia 6303 Classic?

these mobile phones are same their features are same but their colours are not same.....

Can you access Spotify on a Nokia 6303?

According to the list on the Spotify website (See links below) their app does not work with the Nokia 6303.

What are the competitors to the Nokia 6303?

Competitors to the Nokia 6303 are previous Nokia models such as Nokia Asha 303 and the Nokia C5 as well as other brands of mobile phones. The Nokia 6303i Classic has more standby time, a little more talktime and newer Bluetooth support meaning faster data transfer when compared to the Nokia 6303 Classic.

Can you make video call on nokia 6303 classic?

nokia 6303i classic is good for comunication

Do you have USB cable for nokia 6303 classic?

ya i have but it is very small

What mobile is better the Nokia 6300 or the Nokia 6303?

Nokia 6303 also measures 108.8 x 46.2 x 11.7 mm that make it very compact. This phone connects with GPRS, Bluetooth, EDGE and USB port. Thus people can easily share files with other compatible devices. The mobile has a 2.2 inches display screen where one can play games and surf internet with the aid of the WAP browser. This handset can support upto 4 GB card and so people can store any amount of files in it. To Get Free Nokia 6303 Classic Contract Phone in UK visit - http://www.directphoneshop.co.uk/dealset.asp?id=1530

Will the battery charge in nokia 6303 via usb cable to computer?

According to Wikipedia the 6303 base model will not charge via the usb cable, however the later model 6303i will charge via the usb cable.

I am using nokia 6303 it has a software known as youtube but it is not playing the?

it is not a software it is a website if u have internet connection on your mobile then it work if not then it cant work

What is the phone number of the Washington Irving Branch in Los Angeles?

The phone number of the Washington Irving Branch is: 323-734-6303.

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