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Cover the live trap with a dark material (i.e. tarp, blanket). Move trap to where you want to release the skunk. Open trap while cover is on and than remove cover and walk away. Within minutes, the skunk will walk out of the cage. (By covering it, the skunk does not see you or feel threatened.) My father-in-law has been doing this for years when a skunk wanders onto his property. He just relocates the skunk to another area.

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Q: How do you free a skunk stuck in a live trap?
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How do you trap a skunk?

use a live trap that is covered baited with chicken, the cover is for the fact a skunk will spray when it sees you DO NOT LIFT COVER!!!

How do you get a skunk out of a trap cage without getting sprayed?

Cover the live trap with a towel or blanket. Open the door, place a rod thru the wire to hold it open, stand back and wait for the skunk to exit.

How do you you get a skunk out of your garage?

place a non hurting trap catch the skunk and wait until is dehydrated gently take the trap and place it outdoor to release the skunk

How long to starve a skunk in a cage?

how long will it take a skunk to die of starvation in a trap

What is the last trap in saw 6?

a chain was stuck into a guys throat and had 1 mintue to be free

Who will come and get rid of a skunk that I have caught in a trap Neither Animal or Vector control provides this service.?

You need to call a pest company they can live trap it if you want. Or call an animal rehab center.

How do you take out a skunk from your garden?

Use a small trap just big enough for the skunk to get in. It MUST be small enough to prevent the skunk from lifting it's tail. The skunk can't spray if it can't lift it's tail. Once the skunk is trapped he may be safely relocated. To release the skunk simply place the trap on the ground and open the door. I know that sounds scary but the skunk will nonchalantly walk out and away.

How long can an opossum live in a trap cage?

It wouldn't be very good for it to 'live' in a trap cage. It's best to let it free.

What food should you put in a skunk trap?


What happens if you trap one of the skunk babies?

it will die

What should you bait a skunk trap with?

Grape jelly

What do you put in a trap to catch a skunk?

South American Kiwi.

How does a pest control service deal with removing a skunk?

They'll trap the skunk with a special trap called a Havahart trap. This is baited with several types of smelly fish. The pest control service will also wear special clothes to avoid getting sprayed. Pest control services handle skunk problems differently. Many services has professionals that can remove the skunk without causing any harm to the animal.

Skunk trap what kind of bait put in a trap?

Animal Control has told me to use raw bacon with salt dumped on it.

Could the skunk you caught in a live trap by the pen be killing chickens by getting them at night?

Yes a skunk will take eggs and kill chickens. Late at night when the chickens roost they are very docile and will allow a predator to come right up to them without much fear.

What is the best bait to trap a skunk?

Moist cat food or peanut butter

How do I transfer and release a skunk from a cage trap without being sprayed?

If you have a vet who is willing he/she can trank the skunk from a distance. If not, you can cover the trap with a few towels or cloths. Place it on the trap with a long rod. Move slowly and speak in a soft voice while doing this. Talking constantly but quietly will calm the animal. Once the cloth is over one end of the trap, stop for a moment and walk away for a while. When you come back, the skunk may be hiding in that end of the trap. Talk again as you come closer. Place another cloth over the other end of the trap, again using the long rod. Once the trap is covered you can move it without to much trouble if you remember to always talk as you are approaching and moving the trap. Use gloves while moving the trap so it cannot bite you. Use cloth that you can throw away in the event of the skunk spraying within the trap. If you don't startle it, however, it will not spray. Skunks have very bad eyesight and can be surprised when you are close if you don't talk to let it know where you are. You have a much greater chance of getting sprayed if you surprise it. If the skunk is repeatedly stamping, walk away for awhile and let it calm down. Skunks are really very mellow little animals and will allow you surprisingly close if you take care to present yourself as harmless. To remove it from the trap you must kill it, using a rifle and shooting the skunk works. if you attempt to free it, it will spray you as it is leaving the trap. Skunks are pests and sometimes moretimes than not erradication is often a good thing.

How do you get trap for free on toontown?

in Toontown it is impossible to get trap free

How do you catch and release a skunk?

I would call a professional. They probably will use a trap to catch the skunk. Then they will take away the cage while wearing a hazmat suite. Just make sure that the person you hire will release the skunk and not just kill it.

Can you use a live trap to trap a coyote and kill it in the trap?

Whether or not you can use a live trap to trap a coyote and kill it in the trap depends on the state you live in. To find out for use, check with the environmental police in your area.

How did tails get caught in a love trap?

Amy set up a love trap for sonic and tails and cosmo got stuck in it.

Do skunks eat sweet corn?

Some 30 ears of corn were devoured two nights ago. I set out a trap thinking it must be raccoons (and it might have been) but I captured a skunk in my trap. There is, I know, a whole family of skunks that live next door. I am betting that skunks do eat corn.

Skunk under my porch how do you make it leave forever?

You should either call an exterminator or get an animal trap.

How do you release a skunk in a trap set up for a ground hog without raising a stink?

move very slowly and cover the trap with a pool liner so when it sprays it wont get on you

Smart enough to steal food out of a hunters trap what animal is known as a glutton skunk bear or carcajou?