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How do you frolic?

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Imitate Richard Simmons.

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What is the past tense form of 'frolic'?

The past tense of "frolic" would be "frolicked".

How do use frolic in a sentence?

me and my sister always frolic with my mom

What is the past tense of frolic?

The past tense of frolic is frolicked.

When was Anabolic Frolic born?

Anabolic Frolic was born in 1974.

What are some example sentences for the word frolic?

Let's go frolic in the sunshine.I would rather frolic in some new snow.

What means frolic amid?

What is the meaning of "frolic amid?" Frolic is a verb, it means to play, have fun. Amid means "in the middle of." Some places, people, and situations are appropriate to frolic amid, some are not.

How do you spell frolic?

That is the correct spelling of the word "frolic" (to gambol or dance about).

How do you use a powerful sentences using frolic?

Frolic means to move energetically, playfully, or excitedly. Here are some sentences.The lambs frolic about the pasture, bouncing like balls.Children frolic and play around the Christmas tree.I wish you wouldn't frolic in the kitchen while I'm trying to cook.

What is frolic acid?

"Frolic" acid is an amusing misspelling of folic acid, an important B vitamin.

What Language does the word 'frolic' come from?

It comes from the old dutch word vrolijk.

Sample of personification sentences with frolic?

When the fall began, the leaves began to frolic about joyfully in the sun.

What are the suffixes of the word frolic?

The suffix for the word "frolic" is "ing", so it is "frolicking". The word 'frolic' itself does not contain a suffix. However, frolic uses the suffixes -ing, -ed, and -er by adding the letter -k and then the suffix. frolicking frolicked frolicker Also -s: frolics

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Another word for play?


Frolic is to play as barter is to what?


What is the s form of frolic?


What is the past participle of frolic?


What is called the movement of lamb?


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