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you have to beat the elite four than talk to professer elm he will give you the poke Flute

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no you can gat as many Pokemon as you want [su jaaavii]

definetly, right behind artard rock...

The only way Arceus can be caught is if you have an action replay. You must gat the Arceus event code, go to any pokemart and pick up a flute form the deliveryman, climb Mt. Coronet until you reach the Spear Pillar, the flute should start making noises and a staircase will appear. Be prepared to battle Arceus!

Go through the game and train your Pokemon on fights.Otherwise use exp share and go to Pokemon League Battles.

simple, you can't, you have to gat a Pokemon that can learn the move without TM's.............. sorry if this did'NT help at all.

By Mystery Gift,by Wi-Fi.Hurry,it stops near September 18.

you get all 200 Pokemon on youre dex and go to prof.birch and he will give them to u

dawn's little sister will tell you after you gat the national dex, it will be at rt. 228

To get one first find a place where you can catch slowpoke now change the order of your Pokemon and put a male Pokemon first it will make more male and female Pokemon appear.

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