How do you get 347 volts?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: How do you get 347 volts?
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How do you wire 347 volts ballast to 110 volt feed?

You don't. A ballast with a 347 volt input is a commercial ballast. The 347 volts comes from a 600 volt three phase four wire Y system. You can change the ballast out to a 120 volt and rewire the unit but in most cases it is cheaper to buy a completely new lighting fixture.

What is the permitted difference in amps between a live and a neutral wire?

The correct answer is 120 volts between the hot conductor and neautral in a residential dwelling.You can have 347 volts between the neautral and hot in a commercial space.

Can there be 600 volt single phase power?

Yes there is single phase for 600 volts. It is used for lighting. You need a transformer which gives you 600 volts plus a neutral. The voltage for the one phase to neutral is 347.

How many volts can you draw off of a 15amp breaker?

It's the amps that are controlled by the breaker not the volts. You can have a 600 volt 15 amp breaker, you can have a 347 volt 15 amp breaker. The breaker will trip when you exceed 15 AMPS.

Where does the voltage of 347 volts come from?

It's one phase of a 600V system. Or so I've heard the electrician say. I'm a plumber, don't ask me.

How does 120 volts come from 208 volts?

208 is a three phase wye connection voltage. To obtain the each individual coil voltage the 208 is divided by 1.73 which equals to 120 volts. Hence you have 3 phase 208 voltage on the phase legs and 120 volts to the wye point which is grounded. This same formula is used on any 3 phase system. 600/347, 480/277, 208/120.

How do you come up with 277 volts?

The star point or wye voltage of a 480 volt three phase four wire system is 277 volts. The 480 voltage is divided by the sq root of 3 (for 3 phases). The sq root of 3 is 1.73. 480 volts/1.73 = 277 volts. The same formula is used on all three phase four wire systems. 208 volts /1.73 = 120 volts, 416 volts /1.73 = 240 volts, 600 volts / 1.73 = 347 volts.

How do you convert 3 phase star configuration 380 volts supply into 220 volts supply?

The process of obtaining 220 volts from 380 volts is quite simple. 380 volts is a three phase four wire system voltage. The 220 volts is obtained by taking the sq. root of 3 which equals 1.73 and dividing it into the phase voltage. 380/1.73 = 220 volts. This holds true with any three phase four wire voltage system. 208/1.73 = 120 volts, 415/1.73 = 230 volts, 480/1.73 = 277 volts and 600/1.73 = 347 volts. This lower voltage is present on any of the three phase legs of the three phase system to the neutral which is grounded on a wye connection.

What is 347 as a fraction and a percent?

347 is an integer. It can be written in fraction form as 347/1. As a percentage it is 100*347 = 34700%

What are the factors for 347?

1 and 347

Is 347 a prime number?

Yes. The number 347 IS a PRIME NUMBER. This means that the only factors of 347 are 1, and itself (347).

What is the voltage of a 3 phase 4 wire 277 volt lighting circuit?

The voltage of 277 volts is the wye of a three phase 480 volt system. Just as the voltage of 347 is the wye voltage of a three phase 600 volt system. To obtain these voltages for any three phase system, take the three phase voltage and divide it by 1.73. 480/1.73 = 277 volts, 600/1.73 = 347 volts.