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You have to trade it from ruby, sapphire, or emerald.

or buy Pokemon ocean version which you can use bagon as your starter.(very hard to raise!)
bagon does not apear in that game
the only way is trading it for a bagon in emerald when you have the ruby and the sorry, buy it is the only way...

hes only in emerald

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Q: How do you get Bagon in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you get a Dragon Scale in Pokemon Firered?

Bagon carry it on them. (5% chance though)

How do you get bagon on firered?

All Hoenn Pokemon (bagon is just one of them) cannot be obtained in either Firered or Leafgreen you will need one of the versions that resides within the Hoenn region those versions are: Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

What type of Pokemon is Bagon?

Bagon is a Dragon type pokemon.

How do you get a Bagon in Pokemon Ruby?

You can catch a Bagon deep in Meteor Falls in Pokemon Ruby.

Where is there a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with the Pokemon bagon?

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.

How do you get bagon on Pokemon White?

You can find bagon in white forest

What type of Pokemon is bagon in Pokemon deluge?

Bagon is a dragon type pokemon. It can envlove into Shelgon and then, Salemance.

Can you catch bagon in Pokemon Diamond?

Bagon is only available in Pokemon pearl. You can however catch a Larvatar instead of a bagon. you can trade one for a Bagon because another pearl player will want one.

How do you get a Bagon in Pokemon soul-silver version?

You can ind Bagon in the safari zone in pokemon SoulSilver version.

How do you find Bagon on Pokemon d?

Bagon is only available in Pokemon Pearl, but you can obtian it in Pokemon diamond by trading someone who has pearl

When does bagon envole in Pokemon?

Bagon evolves into Shelgon at Lv.30

Where to get staryu in firered?

In Pokemon firered you can't, but in Pokemon leafgreen you can get it then trade it to Pokemon firered.

When does the Pokemon bagon evolve to a shellgon?

Bagon evolves in to Shelgon at level 30.

Is salamance in Pokemon FireRed?

No, salamence can only be found in the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald versions of Pokemon. They can be obtained by catching a Bagon at Meteor Falls, and then evolving it into Shellgon at level 30, and then Salamence at level 50.

How do you get to the Pokemon convention in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Pokemon convention in firered.

Can you copy Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

can you copy Pokemon on firered

How do you evolve bagon into shelgon in Pokemon ss?

Bagon evolves into a Shelgon at level 30.

Do you have bagon Pokemon?

Yes I do. You can find Bagon by using the Pokeradar on Route 210 (North).

How do you get bagon on platinum?

you can get bagon on Pokemon platinum on route 210 using poke radar

What level does a Bagon Pokemon evolve to a shellgon Pokemon?

Bagon will evolve into Shellgon starting at level 30. And then into Salamance at level 50.

How do you catch Pokemon FireRed on PC?

To get Pokemon firered on PC download a vba and Pokemon firered ROM

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes there are shiny Pokemon in firered

Can you catch bagon in Pokemon Black?


When does the pokemon bagon evolve?


Were to catch a pokemon bagon in black?

Bagon is unobtainable in the wild, that means you'll need to trade from Pokemon White or use the Poke Transfer.