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u find bagon in metor falls but to get bagon u need all 8 badges and get the hm waterfall and then go to the water fall use the hm and then follow the path intop the room that hold's the TM dragon claw then search around for bagon

Answeryeah, that is true, but i know a trick because i kept seeing solrocks. Go exactly where TM02 (dragon claw) was (top-middle of the far strip of land) then use sweet scent. It worked for me. i saw a lv 35 bagon doing this:)
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Q: How do you get Bagon on Ruby?
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How do you get a Bagon in Pokemon Ruby?

You can catch a Bagon deep in Meteor Falls in Pokemon Ruby.

How do you get a dragonscale in ruby?

bagon holds it bagon holds it

What route is bagon on in ruby?

Bagon is in Meteor Falls..if you use Waterfall in there, you get to a different area where you can find Bagon.

How can you get salamence in ruby version?

Train a bagon.

Where is bagon in Pokemon Ruby?

really rare in meteor falls need surf and waterfall to get to where bagon is

How do you get a shiny bagon on ruby?

You have a 1 in 8,192 chance of any wild Bagon you encouter (Bagon are found in the deepest part of Meteor Falls) to be shiny.

What Pokemon games have bagon in it?

Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald.

How do you get a bagon in heartgold?

poke pal it from a ruby Sapphire or emerald

Where can you catch sheldon in ruby?

It is not possible to catch a wild Shelgon in Pokemon Ruby. To get a Shelgon you need to evolve a Bagon. Wild Bagon can be found in the deepest room of the Meteor Falls cave.

How do you get Bagon in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to trade it from ruby, sapphire, or emerald.or buy Pokemon ocean version which you can use bagon as your starter.(very hard to raise!)bagon does not apear in that gamethe only way is trading it for a bagon in emerald when you have the ruby and the sorry, buy it is the only way...hes only in emerald

Where to find bagon in ruby?

It is deep in Meteor Falls, but it is uncommon, so you might get a couple encounters before actually encountering Bagon.

How do you get bagon in ruby?

to catch bagon go to the meteor falls and go to the place where you found TM dragon claw bagon can only be found at that part of the cave Go to Meteor Falls

How do you get a bagon on Pokemon Pearl?

migrate it from Pokemon emerald ruby or sapphire

Bagon in ruby meteor falls?

u just look it in googl video and type were is bagon on Pokemon ruby or emerald or sapphire and that's how u do it i did it igot five bagons this was answered by nicholas ellison

You really want a bagon in diamond?

u cant get bagon in diamond... either migrate it from Ruby Saphire and Emerald, or trade with someone who has perl. (In Pearl yu find Bagon east of Celestic).

Where do you get a dragon scale in Pokemon ruby?

To get a dragon scale is to catch a horsea or a bagon.

Where to find bagon in platnum?

in Platinum? You transfer from Ruby,Sapphire or Emerald Or trade

Where do you get salamance on pokemon diamond?

you have to get a bagon i dont know where to get one though sorryi dont think you can. migrate a bagon from ruby sapphire or emerald. then evolve it.

What is the best way to train bagon?

The best way to train Bagon in Pokémon Ruby is to have him battle against other Pokémon. Because Bagon is a steel type, you should train him against normal and fighting Pokémon.

What level does Abra evolve at in Pokemon ruby?

i know bagon evolves at 35 and 60

How can you get bagon in Pokemon ruby?

it's found in a remote location hidden in meteorite falls.

What moves bagon can learn in ruby?

How do you catch bagon on Pokemon ruby?

You have to go to meteor falls and use surf. There will be a room at the back. You will find bagon after quite some tries only as it is very rare.

Where to find a bagon?

Bagon can be found in Meteor Falls in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, on Route 210 using a PokeRadar on Pearl and Platinum (not Diamond) and in the Safari Zone on HeartGold and SoulSilver.

How do you get salamence?

You have to get a Bagon first. To get a Bagon you have to go (Deep) into Meteor Falls. well what id did is i went on my emerald version i found a bagon deep in meteor falls and transferred it to my pokemon diamond but you can do this with sapphire or ruby as well then i made it evolve into a shelgon then a salamence.