Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you get Groudon?

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In Pokemon Diamond And Pearl You Have To Receive It In Trade.Pokemon Emerald Go Talk To A Guy In The Spaceship House Where Team Magma Were Collecting Energy And He'll Tell You A Route Go There Fast (Do That After You've Beaten The Elite Four And Champ).Pokemon Ruby Simply Go To Cave Of Origin In Sootopolis City But Do That Anytime After You've Beaten The 8th Gym Leader.Sapphire You Cant Get Em Sorry.Pokemon Crystal, Gold, FireRed,LeafGreen,Yellow.Blue,Red I Dont Know Because I Dont Have Those Games. Hope It Helped For Diamond And Pearl,Emerald,Ruby And Sapphire.
put him to sleep first and get low health use a high quality ball
Finish the Pokemon league then go to weather institute and the scientist give you clue where groudon and kyogre find rememeber groudon is the first u fight during catch season of groudon and kyogre. You have to do stuff

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