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In Pokemon Diamond And Pearl You Have To Receive It In Trade.Pokemon Emerald Go Talk To A Guy In The Spaceship House Where Team Magma Were Collecting Energy And He'll Tell You A Route Go There Fast (Do That After You've Beaten The Elite Four And Champ).Pokemon Ruby Simply Go To Cave Of Origin In Sootopolis City But Do That Anytime After You've Beaten The 8th Gym Leader.Sapphire You Cant Get Em Sorry.Pokemon Crystal, Gold, FireRed,LeafGreen,Yellow.Blue,Red I Dont Know Because I Dont Have Those Games. Hope It Helped For Diamond And Pearl,Emerald,Ruby And Sapphire.
put him to sleep first and get low health use a high quality ball
Finish the Pokemon league then go to weather institute and the scientist give you clue where groudon and kyogre find rememeber groudon is the first u fight during catch season of groudon and kyogre. You have to do stuff

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Q: How do you get Groudon?
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How powerful is groudon?

Groudon is AWESOME!

How do you get the ruby out of groudon?

There is no ruby in groudon.

Kyogre or groudon?

groudon is better

What is Groudon first evoulution?


Which Region is Groudon from?

Groudon is from the hoen region.

What is the password for getting Groudon on PokePark Wii?

the password for groudon on pokepark wii is.... GROUDON: 45594012

What level is Groudon?

At ruby version Groudon is level 45, at emerald Groudon is level 70.

Does groudon evolve in ruby?

No, Groudon does not evolve in Pokémon Ruby.

How do youp get Groudon on Pokemon Diamond?

Defeat Red in SoulSilver and catch Groudon in the Embedded Tower. Groudon can also be caught in Ruby, but that Groudon is worthless.

What stone do you need to make Groudon evolve?

Groudon does not evolve, therefore no stone will make Groudon evolve.

What level does Groudon evolve?

Groudon doesn't evolve

How do you get Groudon in Pokemon deluge?

kick the computer to get groudon

What level is Groudon in SoulSilver?

Groudon is on level 50.

What level is Groudon when facing him?

you can't find Groudon

How do you find a Groudon on heartgold?

You get Groudon in Pokemon Heart Gold by trading with somebody who's found Groudon in Soul Silver. You can't find Groudon in Heart Gold, you find Kyogre. Soul Silver players find Groudon.

Who is better Kyogre or Groudon?

Kyogre is way better than groudon. Kyogres a lot nicer than Groudon

Does Groudon really evolve?

No, whatever myth you heard of Groudon evolving is false. Groudon does not evolve at any time.

How do you find Groudon diamond or pearl?

you get groudon from a certain fossil

Does Kyogre love Groudon?

No, because groudon and kyogre are opponents.

How can you get groudon in leafgreen?

You have to trade with emerald of ruby to get groudon in leafgreen.

Pokemon Crystal how to find Groudon?

There is no Groudon in Pokémon Crystal.

What lvl does Groudon evolve?

Groudon is a legendary, and therefore does not evolve.

What lv will be Groudon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Groudon will be Lv. 50

What color is Groudon?

Groudon is red and black (mainly red)

How do you get Groudon in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You have to trade with someone that has Groudon.