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How do you get Lugia without the mystic ticket?

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2011-09-13 03:10:04

sorry man,you can't get lugia without mistery ticket.to get

mystery ticket,you must participe the Nintendo event,for that,you

will need the gba link cable.that's all what i know my friend.but i

know how to get mewtwo,you must take the ruby and the sapphire.i

will let you know that:


to get ruby you must first defeat the elite four,do do that,you

will need strong pokemons like a charizard lv 70,a vaporeon lv 60,a

jolteon lv 60 and a snorlax lv 80.after beating the elite

four,professor oak will congratulate you and them you will need to

have 60 pokemons or more,and them you go to the first island and

talk to celio,they will ask you to get the ruby,now lets go!do you

remenber where the rockets are speaking about some sort of

treasure,this rockets are on the side of a cavern,blocking the

way.but now will heard a password,them the rockets will tell you

that they want to batlle,batlle with the rockets and they will let

you pass to the cave.make sure that one of your Pokemon got the hm

strenght.there is no way to lose yourself inside the cave,walk

trough the cave to get the ruby.after that,make your Pokemon use

dig to get out the cave.finish!you got the ruby,now give it to

celio,and them they will ask you to get the sapphire,and they will

give you the rainbow pass.that give you acess to to the 4-7



now lets take the sapphire,go to the dotted hole on the door of

six island,use cut and enter the cave,go to the hole that will

apear when you enter the cave.and them use the following directions

to get the sapphire:up hole,left hole,right hole,down hole.when you

get thre,a cientist will steal it,he will tell you the second

password to get to rockets hideut on five island,defeat all

rockets,and then defeat the scientist that stolled the sapphire.he

will be at the computer on the desk!finished.he will give you the

sapphire and fled.after you get the sapphire,give it to celio and

you will can trade pokemons from ruby/sapphire version.now go

defeat the elite four,this time they will be much more

stronghest.after defeat the elite four,go to the cerulean city and

them go to cerulean cave,they will be open,you get mewtwo


good bye and good luck capturing mewtwo!

here is my team,that i recommend for you:

vaporeon lv 100,metwo lv 100,zapdos lv 78,moltres lv 66,articuno

lv 58,entei lv 100.

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