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in Pokemon diamond you can get one in the Team Galatic HQ. After they took the three Pokemon of the lakes you go to their HQ in Veilstone city and you go through it when you get to the middle of their building you fight Cyris and after that he will give you a master ball, or you can win the Pokemon lotto (which is very hard to do). To win the lotto you must match all the numbers on a Pokemons Pokedex number (which you OWN) to the ticket.

AND! If you have a GAME BOY ADVANCE Pokemon game like Emerald or FireRed then you can get another. All you have to do is get it from that game, put it with a Pokemon in the PC and migrate it to your DS game :)

The best part is that you can keep starting the game over to get it.

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Q: How do you get Masterballs in Pokemon?
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What is the code for 999 masterballs in Pokemon Platinum?

what is the code for 999 masterballs for pokemon platinum?

How can you get multiple masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

Trade masterballs from other games to firered.

How many master balls are in Pokemon emerald?

INFINITY MASTERBALLS just do my trick Trade pokemon for pokemon holding masterballs take them away and trade for your pokemon back

How many masterballs do you get in Pokemon platinum?

One, although if you have the AR cheat, 999 masterballs can be acquired.

Where do you get masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

Silph co.

Can you buy masterballs on Pokemon diamond?

No way!

How many masterballs can you get in Pokemon sapphire?


How many masterballs are there in Pokemon ruby?


How many masterballs do you get in Pokemon HeartGold and Soul Silver?

only one. unless you trade with other versions that have some (as in Pokemon holding masterballs and then trading it to your game)

How do you get unlimited masterballs in pokemon firered?

You have to get a codebreaker and put in the master code. Then you have to find the code for infinite masterballs on the computer.

How do you get masterballs in diamond?

i dnt no get a life if you play Pokemon

In diamond how can you get a bunch of of masterballs?

win the Pokemon lottery

How do you get 995 masterballs in Pokemon pearl?

action replay

How do you get multiple masterballs?

clone a Pokemon holding one

How do you get masterballs in Pokemon black without wifi?

Get cheats

How do you use the action replay code Pokemon modifier on Pokemon diamond?

1. Press L+R then you'll get 493 Masterballs. 2. Set Masterballs' quantity to the Pokemon number you want. 3. Hold L and encounter Pokemon. i.e. When you want Lapras, discard 362 Masterballs. (493-362=131)

How do you use the Pokemon modifier cheat on Pokemon platinum?

Use the cheat that will get you 999 masterballs then activate the Pokemon modifier. Next press start on your Action Replay. Now look for the Pokemon that you want on your Poke'dex and remember the number to the left of the Pokemon's name. throw away masterballs until you have the same amount of masterballs as the Pokemon's number. The next Pokemon you see in the wild will be the Pokemon that you wanted.

How do you get lots of masterballs in platinum?

you can get masterballs. when u trade Pokemon from hoenn or jhoto make Pokemon hold masterball and u migrate it. and then go to pal park to get ur migrated Pokemon and take master ball from him..

How many masterballs are in Pokemon Pearl?

one like all other Pokemon games

Can you get 2 masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

No but you can have a friend trade you a Pokemon holding the masterball they got.

How do you get 999 red candy and masterballs on Pokemon Diamond?

you can do that in cheats

Masterballs on Pokemon Emerald?

u can get one in aqua layer

How do you hack into Pokemon emerald so you can buy masterballs?


How do you get unlimited ultra and great and masterballs in Pokemon XD?

Not possible.

Can you get 2 masterballs in Pokemon LeafGreen?

not unless you trade one no.