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How do you get Rayquaza?

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February 04, 2017 3:24AM

Rayquaza is located in the sky pillar, near the log city, surf east from there, you will find it north abit after going abit further, make sure you have a match bike because you have to speed over cracks that cant be gone over twice only once, rayquaza is at lv.70 so have many ultra balls or a master ball, because its tricky but possible to catch with other balls rather than master, i suggest about 50+ ultra balls and have a Pokemon that can put it asleep and damage it until low HP. When done its all yours.

hes very strong he can kill a 80 hp Pokemon so have a 100 hp if not don't challenge him i myself learned that with my giratina
Rayquaza is exclusive to ruby, sapphire and emerald to find it you must reach the top of sky pillar. you can find rayquaza in the sky pillar, in emerald you can find him before the league and in ruby and shappire only after
If you have Pokemon diamond or pearl you have to get Pokemon emerald catch it with the master ball and migrate it to the pal park in diamond or pearl to get there you need to have a Pokemon in your party that knows surf or if you've been there before you can fly there on your bird Pokemon