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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

The first thing to catching the Regi Pokemon is unlocking the entrances to their tombs - this is done through the Sealed Chamber. To get to the Sealed Chamber, make sure you have a Pokemon that knows Dig, Surf and Dive; then head to Pacifidlog Town and Surf West and keep to the bottom of the ocean current. Soon you'll come across a dive spot. Dive there and follow the path until you come to a rock with dots on it - the dots are Braille and it is very important in catching the Regi Pokemon. The dots you are facing say "Go up here." So use Dive and you will be in the first room in the Sealed Chamber. In the first room is the Braille alphabet in order from the topmost left pillar. The large pillars have the letters while the two small pillars have a "." and a "," on them. These pillars are important if you ever lose the Braille decoder sheet - but otherwise of no use. Head to the wall with more dots on it, there is the entrance to the second room. Face in between the dots and follow the instructions on the wall "Dig here."

Now you are in the second room. The small pillars to the sides tell the story of the Regi Pokemon:

"In this cave we have lived."

"We owe all to the Pokemon."

"But, we sealed them away."

"We feared it."

"Those with courage, those with hope."

"Open a door. An eternal Pokemon waits."

At the end of the room, the Braille code states: "First comes Wailord. Last comes Relicanth."

Now you have done all you need to in the Sealed Chamber. It's time to catch the Regi Pokemon. Be sure to have a Pokemon that knows Surf, Dive, Dig, Fly and Strength. Those Pokemon can be in any order as long as Relicanth (Can be caught underwater on Routes 124-126)is First and Wailord (Wailmer evolves into Wailord on level 40) last. And last of all: bring plenty of Pokeballs!

First up is Regice which is found in the Island Tomb North-West of Dewford Town and South-West of Route 104. Navigate your way through the maze of small islands and you should find the island cave. Inside, the Braille code reads: "Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice." As soon as you press A again, don't move - just wait. You have to be pretty patient but the wall will open and you can catch Regice.

Next up is Regirock in the Desert Ruins on Route 111 (the desert). Once you're in the desert, make your way South and you should find Regirock's tomb. In the tomb, the Braille says: "Right, right, down, down. Then use Strength." Follow these instructions and the door to Regirock should reveal itself.

Lastly is Registeel in the Ancient Tomb off Route 120 (near Lilycove). Registeel's tomb is a few levels up and through a patch of grass. In the tomb, the Braille reads: "With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle." After you read that, take five steps from the middle of the Braille marks to the door you came through. Next, use Fly and the door to Registeel should appear. If not, calculate the middle position in the tomb and use Fly there. Now all you need to do is to catch Registeel.

Another answer:

Ok first you need to open all three doors . first go to pacifidlog town. go to the last house on the left and use serf! keep going but avoid the rapids!you should come to an island,stand beside the old lady and serf again.stop when you come to the dark water. then dive. once under the water swim intill you find a tablet,read it! it will be brail,but it says go up. so do it.once onside the cavern go to the back wall. read it, it will say dig here. so dig. once inside go to the back wall again it read it. it will say" first comes relicanth then comes wailord. so switch themin that order. read the tablet again then a earthquake will happen opening the doors!

regirock= go to the desert,enter the cavern. walk up to the tablet read it. walk 2 steps right then 2 steps down then use strength the door should open.

regice = Surf west of petalburg until you reach island cave. Stay very close to the wall, and run around the whole room once then a door will open.

registeel = Have a Pokemon that knows the move flash, read the braille then take 3 steps down from the braille and use flash the door will open.

You NEED the national pokedex too!

Good luck! Tip: Masterball is helpfull from GameShark/Action reply And this might also help to migrate to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl for Regigigas.

It's when you migrate them. Once you get the national pokedex go to Pal Park with a gba game and choose all the three regis to migrate. Once you get that done go back to your ds game and go to pal park then you can have them.

Another answer:

first u go the that town which is in the middle of water,i forgot the name of the town,u will know when u see it,it floats on water,then surf to the left from that place,u will face some strong currents,go to the bottom end of the current and so into the current, after some time u will reach a place where u can dive,use dive and u will see an inscription on a rovk underwater,go up from there,then u will reach a cave,u must have a relecant and wailord,put relecant first and wailord last in ur Pokemon list OS is it the other way,well try both,then at the top end of the cave use dig then the inscription there opens and u reach another cave,go to the top and again and read inscription,then they will say "some door open far away"then u have to got to various places like the sandstorm place,dewford town and go up from the cave there and little near the safari land. u wil find all regis there in different places and there are various techniques to reach them ,u must have strenght fly and off course patience,i got three of them

their main attacks are curse.superpower which they use in combination which makes them way powerful.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

You don't have to migrate them. You can also find them around Sinnoh. Registeel is deep within Iron Island, Regice is deep within Mt. Coronet, and Regirock's location isn't very clear, but it's in the area that you go to after you beat the elite four (the survival area and the battle park and all that). There's a place that is all sandy and stormy and that's where Regirock is. However, for them to be in those locations, you need to have the level 100 Regigigas from the Nintendo event.

if ur talkin bout Pokemon pearl/diamond then u need to transfer regirock,steel and ice to ur game to 'awaken' regigigas!!!!!(o by the way he's a llvl 70 normal type so use like lucario or machoke/macamp)!!!hope this helps!

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Q: How do you get Regirock Regice and Registeel?
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