How do you get Ubi Points on UbiWorld?

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you can go to each island and you will see rabbits (rabbids) characters and pets. all you need to do is to collect them...

Also you can visit houses, and talk to people to get ubipoints, seeing photo galleries, buying stuff in the ubi store are great ways to get ubipoints you get trophies and with each trophy they also give you ubi points!
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What is Pointe?

Pointe is part of ballet. When you get your ankles and legs strong enough your instructor with put you on pointe. If you are on pointe you wear pointe shoes special shoes that are made of satin and help suppoet your foot when you are on your toes.

What is a point?

A point is a location in space. It has no dimensions. A point is a sharp tip of something

What is Ubi caritas et amour deus ibi est?

This is the opening line of a traditional Latin Hymn, used for the ceremony of the washing of the feet at the Holy Thursday Mass. Translation: Where charity and love are, god is.

How can you get on pointe?

you should do ballet for at least 2 years and even then you might not be ready.ask your teacher if you are ready and if your not then don't get upset just work harder.hope this helps

What is the English translation of the Latin sentence 'Anima magis est ubi amat quam ubi animat'?

The sentence 'Anima magis est ubi amat quam ubi animat' means The soul is greater where it loves that where it gives life . In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'anima' means 'soul'. The adjective 'magis' means 'greater'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The conjunction 'ubi' means 'wher ( Full Answer )

What is 'Anima est ubi amat non ubi animat' in English?

The English meaning of 'Anima est ubi amat non ubi animat' is The soul is where it loves, not where it gives life . In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'anima' means 'soul'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The relative 'ubi' means 'where'. The verb 'amat' means '[he/she/it] loves'. The ( Full Answer )

What does Ubi familia ibi amor?

Difficult to translate this precisely. It is almost Where your family is, that is where your love will be. But familia isn't exactly family , it is closer to household . If you left home three years ago, and moved in with your sister, her husband, and their three kids; then those five ( Full Answer )

What is 'ubi ivisti' in English?

Where you have gone is the English equivalent of 'ubi ivisti'. In the word by word translation, the adverb 'ubi' means 'where'. The verb 'ivisti' is the second person singular form of the perfect indicative tense. It means 'you have gone, you went'.

What is the significance of 'ubi' in 'ubi-pen'?

The use of a Latin word in a very modern term is the significance of 'ubi' in 'ubi-pen'. The Latin word 'ubi' means 'where'. Its use shows that Latin still is relevant and useful nowadays.

What is 'Et agri ab Cincinnato amati sunt Ubi non in agris laborabat in Romanis castris erat Ubi Romani cum inimicis bellum gesserant Cincinnatus Romanis auxilium donaverat'?

And the fields were loved by Cincinnatus is the English equivalent of 'Et agri ab Cincinnato amati sunt'. In the word by word translation, the conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The noun 'agri' means 'fields'. The preposition 'ab' means 'by'. The proper noun 'Cincinnato' means 'Cincinnatus'. The past pa ( Full Answer )

What is 'Ubi plura nitent in carmine non ego paucis offendere maculis' in English?

Where many things shine in the song, I'm not offended by the few blemishes is the English equivalent of 'Ubi plura nitent in carmine non ego paucis offendere maculis'. In the word by word translation, the adverb 'ubi' means 'where'. The neuter adjective 'plura', in the accusative plural as the direc ( Full Answer )

Where is the detctive house on ubi world?

it is in the imagine world on the east side of town. to the left is the salon stylist, to the right is the soccer captain, and below is the sweet 16 house.

How do you get money on ubiworld?

Opposite answer:The truth is you cant get money i myself have a ubiworld account it is good so there u go u cant get money!!!!!!!!!!!!! So deal with it!!!!! Izdiz658: all you have to do is collect 3 eggs of the purple or pink or red balls!! enjoy!! My name on the is AstonishingBrownie35 and ( Full Answer )

Ubi a liquid non esse potest conceditur conceditur etiam id sine quo res ipsa?

This is a bit out of order. The actual phrase is Ubi aliquid conceditur, conceditur etiam id sine quo res ipsa esse non potest . In English translation: "When something is granted, that is also granted without which the thing itself cannot exist." In law, it means that if something is granted, anyt ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to Ubi Caritas by Paul Halley?

Here is the latin: Ubi caritas et amor Deus ibi est. Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor. It means: Where there is charity and love, God is there. The love of Christ has gathered us together. The African chant in the middle is: Oba ye, Oba yo batala. Oba ye, Oba yo O batala. Oba ye, ( Full Answer )

Where is the sweet 16 ds on ubiworld?

well everyone is saying that there is none. if you dont want to search for hours, go here: copy/paste it. there are some games ubiworld doesnt even have! like party planner and sweet 16 ;) Um... The website does have those games and they mean find the DS to p ( Full Answer )

What is a pointe?

It is a ballet term, meaning "to stand on the toes" This is achieved using a special kind of shoe crafted for this, called a "pointe shoe" pointe"> pointe -noun,_ plural_ pointes "> -noun, plural pointes . 1. the tip of the toe.. 2. a position on the extreme tips of the to ( Full Answer )

Do you can make a website like ubiworld?

well, making websites like that isn't easy , you have to be a pro to make websites like that , but you can make a simple websites easily , but not like that:, allow you to make simple websites

How do you get on pointe?

Through a lot of ballet training and working of the ankles, feet and toes. Being on pointe is not an easy thing to achieve, and your ankles and muscles of your feet and toes must be fully prepared or you could cause permanent damage. Talk to your ballet teacher about how ready you are for pointe, ( Full Answer )

Where Is the Nintendo for the girl for the imagine sweet sixteen on ubi world?

it's simple. on ubi world, go to the sky and click on imagine town. it may list some of the places there so click the left/right arrow. once you see a cake, that is sweet 16. If it doesn't list the places, you need to go to the west end of town. you may see the school building. the sweet 16 cake is ( Full Answer )

What is ubiworld?

UbiWorld is a world that tells you about the Imagine games for the Nintendo DS. You will be able to create a look and you will also have a scooter to ride around in.

Where the secret items are on ubi islands?

There are at least one in every house, so be sure to roll over every item in the house. I don't know where ALL of them are but I do know alot of them, here are a few. 1. zookeeper-whole in ceiling 2. hair salon-scissors 3. teacher-heart-umbrella-alot more 4. fashion designer-ALOT-hat-charts-sowing ( Full Answer )

How do you get ubi points on ubi world?

u hav 2 collect yellow stars, red hearts, red circles and if u collet a new type of ravin rabid. i wouldn't count on collecting ubi points from the arcade games coz, u hav 2 finish the WHOLE game and do really well on them, and usally u leave the game half way coz its kinda boring like : DOGZ TRICKZ ( Full Answer )

How do you get pets on ubiworld?

You can get pets on UBI world by going to the pet shop you need to go to the petz island first and drive your scooter to the pet shop you can buy a cat or a dog

Is ubiworld a free game?

yes it is i know it you do n ot need to be a member it is realy fun

Where are the house items on ubi world?

First u go to Summit City Island and right under where u landed there will be a town store. Then u click on it. Then there will be something that says SALE!. Click on the sign that says SALE!. Then it will say Avatar items and House items. Click on house items.

Where do you get points?

You get points by taking care of your pets and loving them! You can also earn points by being in Bark mode for 2 min.

How do you unlock the fantasy pet on ubiworld?

To unlock the fantasy pets you need codes. There are 4 codes because you can unlock 4 fantasy pets. i only know 3 CODES: . 1i95fksdn . 2023fgjdc . 3d9324jdp

How do you login Ubiworld?

You have to look at the girl and boy and choose one then you press login. After that if your not a member click on the words that says become a member. There you go you can start

How do you make friends on Ubi world?

first you go to profile and it says "search friends". then you tpe in however you want to be friends with . when you type in tha t it will bring up their profile . at the bottom it says add to friends . click on that and then it says add to neigh boorhood click that and then they're your friend .hop ( Full Answer )

Where are all the hidden objects in ubiworld?

The answer to your question is a hard one. Basicly, (is that spelled right?) the idems are found all over Imagine Island. Belive me, I checked all others. NO LUCK. You find the idems by dragging your mouse along the screen of the insides shops and buildings. (this only works if you're inside). If yo ( Full Answer )

How do you get trophies in ubi world?

you need to just do things and ride around like talking to people and going places and buying stuff just explore really!

What is the ubi petz code?

well its not easy you need to find a code on your gift car at the store you find it at try stores like gamefly or other stores like that.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bog da gi ubie spionite - 1993?

The cast of Bog da gi ubie spionite - 1993 includes: Blaze Aleksoski as Prijatel na kafedzijata Mitko Apostolovski Petre Arsovski as Sakir Salaetin Bilal as Pasa Efendi Marjan Cakmakoski Kiro Cortosev as Kafedzijata Petar Dimoski Ilija Dzuvalekovski as Policijskiot nacalnik Branko Giorchev Ljubica G ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Ubi ili poljubi - 1984?

The cast of Ubi ili poljubi - 1984 includes: Mija Aleksic as Sava Savic Ljubisa Bacic Lukrecija Breskovic as Tomina zena Vesna Cipcic as Mitina zena Aleksandar Gruden as Novinar Tatjana Lukjanova Rade Marjanovic as Mita Mitic Olivera Markovic as Savina zena Djokica Milakovic as Placeni ubica Maja Od ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in UBiE - 2012?

The cast of UBiE - 2012 includes: Colleen Bingeman as Susan Johansen Sherrie Blackwood as Teacher Tyler Fuentes as Ralphie Eli Fuentes as Ric Johansen Randy Gates as Bird Carla Kerns as Sami Trip Reeves as Gary Colleen Triplehorn as Belinda