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How do you get a Boiler Operator license?

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Check with the state. CT did not require a license for a boiler operator, but some cities did.

a boiler doesn't always require an operator, but most facilities do require an operator license which is usually a local or state permit

At the present time Ct does not have a statewide Boiler operator license. Some citys in Ct do require a license . A statewide license is being contemplated for the near future. The nearest chapter of the "National Association of Power Engineers" NAPE would be able to where you could apply for a boiler operators license or training. Give them a call. Bear

The State of New York does not require licensing for boiler operators.

A license issued by the state of new jersey certifying you as a boiler operator.

i thought u might have the answer considering ur name

NO. You need to have 5 Years of sit time in NYC to be eligible to take the exam. 1 year with a mechanical engineer degree and 1 year if you have at least 4 years of sit time with a blue seal.

state dont need one . in ny city you do and some other citys

A boiler operator makes a substantial living. The median hourly wage for a boiler operator is $25.75, with the yearly salary being approximately 53,560 per year.

next boiler operator exam---? when will start boiler operater examination

To get a boiler license in New York, one has to write to the New York State Department of Labor. They will send a boiler supervisor who will give recommendations if a given customer is supposed to get the boiler license.

A Master Boiler Operator requires 15 years of experience and must pass a test. See related links for information about Minnesota boiler licensing requirements, forms, test schedules, and instruction manuals.

No there are currently no boiler operator jobs available in New Mexico. You may want to check the surrounding states or especially down in the Gulf area for jobs in that field.

You have to have a fork lift operators license

Whoever holds that license within the company-usually an owner. An operator can have 2 companies max. under his license and every company must have a licensed operator.

Totally depends on what the boiler plate is made up of. Normally this data is supplied to the welder operator.

In the US a babysitter is not required to have a license. A day care operator usually does require a license.

in Oklahoma they top out at around 30 per hour

Same date as the individual's state driver's license

There are currently job openings for boiler operators in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and several other states. You can find job openings for boiler operators in almost all of the continental 50 states.

To get a boiler operators license in the state of Mississippi you must first attend a training course provided at a college or accredited training facility. You must also take a Boiler Operators test at an approved testing site in the state. Often this is your local Secretary of State office.

Requirements to become a boiler operator vary between regions. The very minimum requirement is to have a high school diploma, or General Education Diploma. However most applicants choose to participate in vocational school training.

There is a license that can be obtained to become a heavy equipment operator. Some jobs do not require the license for certain positions. It depends on the equipment you are operating. You will need to have a license to operate what ever the machinery is.

There are many different schools you can get boiler operator training at in the United States, depending on where you live. Google or another search engine would be an ideal place to search to find a school near you, and you can specify your region in the United States.

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