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You get a kindle fire out off a kindle fire case by .............................................

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Q: How do you get a Kindle fire out of a Kindle fire case?
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Can you use the same case for a Kindle and Kindle Fire?

It depends on the type Kindle case to fit a Kindle Fire.

Can the Kindle Fire case fit the Kindle?


Does a 7 inch case fit a Kindle Fire?

YES it does i looked it up and it does a kindle fire is 7 inch long so a 7 inch case does fit the kindle fire

How do you turn on a Kindle Fire by opening the case?

Open the case.

How much does a Kindle Fire case cost?

about 30.00

Do the Kindle Fire have a bluetooth?

Yes because they make a case that says for kindle fire 8.9 HD and it has a keyboard so they have to have Bluetooth

Is a Kindle Fire 7 inches?

Yes it is! I purchased a case for it!

Does a nook color case fit a Kindle Fire?

No i don`t really think so the kindle fire is a bit smaller and the nook color case would probably be to big but you can try

What is the difference between the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD?

kindle fire hd is better

Why is the Kindle fire named Kindle fire?

The Kindle Fire is called Kindle Fire because, the first word 'kindle' means that you have kindling or materials to start a fire. Then, the second word, 'fire' is the fire that comes from the kindling. So you have kindling that stars a fire. Which means that you have the regular Kindles which where the base for the Kindle Fire.

What is the difference between a Kindle Fire and a Kindle Fire HD?

A Kindle Fire is a Kindle that you can read AND play games on, and a Kindle Fire HD is the same thing, except in high definition(HD).

How do the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch compare?