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To get a water stone you find a blue shard and trade it to the guy in the middle of the ocean,east of lillycove in hoen. you can buy them in the department store in pkm fire red and leaf green. moonstone can be found in various caves throughout the kanto region

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Q: How do you get a Water Stone or a Moonstone in Pokemon without a Gameshark or Action Replay?
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You can't without action replay,gameshark,etc.

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Action Replay. doof

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its impossible without gameshark or action replay.

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without gameshark or action replay, NO

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$#@! no

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Sorry you can't without a Gameshark or Action Replay (NOTE): Gamesharks were canceled they destroy your game I don't know if Action Replays do to.

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You can't hack FireRed without a cheating device such as a GameShark or an Action Replay and especially not for free.

How do you get an action replay and action replay codes for Pokemon fire red?

You may only use gameshark for Pokemon firered codes! Buy the gameshark from gamestop. There are gameshark codes on youtube and supercheats.

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There isn't a gameshark for Pokemon pearl but you can get an action replay to put codes on.

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