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How do you get a babysitting license?

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Okay you have to go to your nearest Red Cross and they have something called a Babysitting trainers course and that's how you get it. You have to be 12 years of age or over. They will give you a certificate for taking the course.

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Do you have to have a babysitting licinse in Pennsylvania?

no you dont have to have a babysitting license in penslyvannia.

Do you need a babysitting license if you are over 18?

nobody *needs* a babysitting license. it certainly helps, but at no age is it required.

Is there a way you can get your babysitting license on the internet?

i dont no if thair are a way for a 11 yr old to get their babysitting license on the internet

Where can you get a babysitting certification?

A babysitting class, it's not like getting your Drivers License.

How old do you have to be to get a babysitting license in Oregon?

in oregon, you must be 12 to get a babysitting lisence

Where can you get a babysitting license?

This depends on where you live...

Where to get a babysitting license?

the red cross

How old do you have to be to get your babysitting license?

you have to be 11 when you get it.

How much is a babysitting license?

£200 maybe

How old do you have to be to get a babysitting license in Colorado?


Do grandparents babysitting grandchildren need license in Maryland?

Greetings Folks, I'm a mom whose reviewing babysitting laws because my own daughter has reached babysitting age. From what I can tell you do not need a license to babysit your own flesh and blood. If however you are professionally babysitting other people's children, that is to say, running a daycare, then you do need a license. Anne

Where do you get you babysitting license?

You don't usually need a license to babysit, but if you feel that you need one, they may be given after babysitting courses, which are usually provided by local hospitals, but they will probably have a fee.

What does a babysitting license look like?

well im pretty sure that when you say babysitting license you intend on running your own daycare program. but i believe its just a document you get for daycares

Were can you get your license for babysitting?

the easiest way is to take a red cross babysitting class. you can usually take one through community ed

Do you have to have a babysitting license?

I dont think so becuse i have been babysitting for a bit and i sure dont have one but be prepared when doing the job :]

Where can you get a babysitting license at 14?

at local red cross stations! YoUr weLoCmE

Can twelve year old's babysit without a babysitting license?

Yes, I do! I don't plan on getting a license either!

What are the rules for babysitting without a license in Goergia?

If you are a teenager babysitting you don't need a license, but if you are an adult who is doing home care you will need a license from the state. Call your department of social services or nearest college early childhood education department and they can give the info.

Where can an 11 year old get a babysitting license?

At your local American Red Cross.

Can a 10 year old be left alone at anytime?

No You have to be at least 13 to be left alone at home or babysitting but most people need a babysitting license.

What are businesses you don't need a license for?

Freelance writing does not need a license. You would also not need a license for tutoring, babysitting (as long as its not a daycare), or pet walking.

For how long can a 12 year old babysit the siblings in the evening in Ontario?

A babysitter should have a babysitting license before babysitting in general. There is not really a specific time.

How can you get a babysitting license?

Go to a local red cross and take a class, about 50 bucks.

What movie had a car with a license plate that said So Cool?

That would be Adventures in Babysitting!

Where can you get babbysitting license?

Cheaspeake General Hospital is a great place to take a babysitting course!