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How do you get a change of venue from one county to another?

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2010-08-13 07:35:07

You have to file a written notice of motion to the court for an

order granting a change in venue to another county. Check with the

Clerk of the court in which your action is pending for the rules of

procedure making motions in general and motions for changes in

venue in particular. You will most likely have to at the very least

file an affidavit showing facts that prove that you will not be

able to receive a fair hearing in the present county of venue.

This is generally not an easy thing to do since changes in venue

are usually based on advance adverse publicity so pervasive it

would prevent a jury from the area from giving an unbiased verdict.

If this is a child support matter (since that is the original

category) there is no jury involved. Thus you would probably have

to prove that there is something within that county's court system

that would prevent you from getting an unbiased ruling.

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