How do you get a credit card?

1. Inquire to the customer service of the credit card company or you can go directly to the credit card company such as Citibank.
2. Ask about what are the requirement in applying a credit card
3. You need to know also the credibility of the credit card company if they have good records.
4. If you know the details about the credit card company, you go directly and ask about the guidelines, terms and conditions.
5. Submit the necessary requirement , usually the credit card company conducts a CI (credit investigation) into your information if you pass their requirements.

More advice

First of all, make sure that you meet the age requirements to get a credit card. Then decide why you want to get a credit card (to get a cash back from purchases, etc.) After that you can go to a bank, a credit card company, browse "credit card applications" online and find a site where you can apply for a card.

To be approved for a card, you should apply for a credit card according to your credit rating.
Yes, you can have credit card if you are qualified for one.