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You are really going to need a good lawyer for this one. No matter what the circumstance you deserted your children and left them in a dangerous environment and it will appear to the courts you did so because you had an affair. The lawyer may be able to prove you were terrified and not of sound mind at the time and the judge just may sway in your favor. It's a chance you're going to have to take. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you get a divorce and custody of your children in the UK if your husband was physically abusive in your marriage but you then committed adultery and left him with the kids for a couple of weeks?
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What controversies arose over King Henry VIII's marriage?

his wife committed adultery.

What is the Lutheran beliefs on divorce?

Lutherans do not believe in divorce, however are released from the marriage when there is adultery committed in the marriage. Mt 19:9 "And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery."

Why should Hester's marriage be a failure?

well b/c she cheated on her man and committed adultery with someone else.

Is homosexuality with a person outside the marriage considered as adultery?

Yes. Sexuality of any kind outside your marriage is adultery.

Can you sue your spouses girlfriend that committed adultery and caused the breakdown of your marriage for assets that you lost through the divorce?

Ask your lawyer.

Is fondling the same as adultery in a marriage?

The definition of adultery varies by location, but it's unlikely that fondling would count in any jurisdiction as adultery.

What are the penalties for committing adultery in California?

In granting a divorce in California, judges can not use adultery or infidelity as a reason. However, they can consider the financial impact a partner who cheats on his or her spouse may have. In some cases, a judge may also consider if the adultery had an effect on the children of the marriage as well.

Benefit have children in young marriage?

The younger you are, the less likely chance that something physically or mentally will be wrong.

Does the bible teach on marriage?

Yes. The Bible covers a range of issues such as the first marriage (Adam and Eve), monogamy, sexual union within a marriage, polygamy, adultery, divorce, widows and the conception of children etc etc etc.

What are two reasons why Christians believe adultery is wrong?

AnswerAdultery is morally wrong because it can result in hurt to the innocent marriage partner.Adultery can result in marriage breakup.Adultery is against God's will.

What is the difference between adultery and polygamy?

Adultery is extramarital sex. Polygamy is marriage to more than one woman.

What are Christian views on sex before marriage?

It is a abomination to God and those who do it commit adultery. It is one of the ten commandments You shall not commit adultery. Exodus 20:14 Actually, sex before marriage is known as fornication, not adultery. Adultery is when someone who is married has sex with someone who is not their spouse.

What is the meaning of the word keep in the marriage vow?

Don't commit adultery.

What happened to women that committed adultery in the late 1800's?

The laws on adultery were against the woman. Men's adultery was never punished, but there were dire consequences for women who found lovers either within marriage or after separation. Maintenance would be stopped abruptly if there was even a whiff of another relationship. She was also isolated and condemned to a life of loneliness and isolation. Worst of all , she lost her children. A father had exclusive control of the children in any marriage. He owned them as he did his wife and in divorce he retained custody of them even if he were the guilty party. She might never see them again. Some women simply walked out on their husbands and newspapers are peppered with announcements of elopements and husbands in a hurry to disclaim their wife's debts.

How is a divorce different from an annulment?

A divorce is different from an annulment because in a divorce, you are breaking the marriage, in a way undoing the marriage, but in an annulment, the Church finds out if the marriage was legitimate (eg. Finding out if one of the spouses committed adultery, had a legitimate marriage before this marriage etc.), and if they find one point that would have made the marriage illegitimate in the eyes of God, there declare that the couple were never actually married in the first place.

How does the church feel about children being born out of wedlock?

Ideally, children are born in a marriage where the parents are committed to each other but hopefully all children are loved and respected.

What is mut'ah marriage?

Mu'tah is temporary marriage practiced by shittes .It is the same as prostitution or Zina (adultery ).It is Haraam ( prohibited) in Islam.

What has the author Winston T Smith written?

Winston T. Smith has written: 'Help! my spouse committed adultery' -- subject(s): Adultery, Christianity, Christians, Marriage, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Marriage, Sexual behavior 'Help for stepfamilies' -- subject(s): Christianity, Family, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Family, Stepfamilies

Can non Muslim marry omani lady?

If she is Muslim and you both are in Oman, then the answer is NO, she will be committed with adultery if she married a non-muslim person, if you live in a non-muslim community, you may marry a civilian marriage.

What is adultey or divorce?

Adultery is when you cheat on your spouse and divorce is when you end the marriage from your spouse.

What were the names of Catherine howards and Henry VIII's children?

Henry only had three "legitimate" children, Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward. None of them were born from Catherine Howard. (his 5th wife) She was executed for adultery after only two years of marriage.

What crime have both Hester Prynne of the scarlet letter and Mike Tyson committed?

Hester Prynne committed adultery whereas Mike Tyson committed rape. However Tyson's second wife Monica Turner claimed when she filed a divorce that Tyson did commit adultery during their 5 year marriage that "has neither been forgiven nor condoned." Regarding Turner's allegations there has never been any evidence brought forward to prove this.

Why are women unable to have children after marriage?

That is not a correct statement. Women are able to have children after marriage. At one time, you ONLY had children after marriage.

What basic forms need to be filed in a divorce?

The basic forms that need to be filed in a divorce are the names, date of birth, date of marriage, names of children from this marriage. One also has to state reasons for the divorce, like for example cruel and abusive treatment, or adultery.

What does'You shall not commit adultery' mean?

Having sex outside of marriage, either yours, or your partner's or that of you both. Felt I needed to correct this answer because it's not at all true how God sees adultery. The bible tells us that in God's eyes it is even wrong to lust within our hearts. You can commit adultery even if you don't commit a sexual act. It's sharing a sexual or intimate bond (something you wouldn't do with that person if your spouse was around) with someone other than your spouse. If you are taking away your gift of intimacy a married couple is supposed to have, whether it is sexual, physical, mental, or emotional, if you are taking that from your marriage and giving it to someone other than your spouse, you have committed adultery. Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery. - Hebrews 13:4

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