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Q: How do you get a doe patronus on The Pottermore Patronus Quiz?
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Was Snape's patronus a doe?

Yes, Snape's patronus was a doe.

Whose patronus charm was the doe in Harry Potter 7 part 1?

it was Snape's patronus

What is Harry Potter's patronus and why?

A Stag. This was his fathers patronus and animagus form while his mother's was a doe.

What is severus snapes patronus?

Snape's patronus charm is supposedly a silver doe. From what I've heard it's supposed to be the patronus that had helped Ron & harry re-unite.

Is there a silver doe in Harry Potter?

Lily Potter's patronus, as was Snape's, was a silver doe.

Who also had a Doe patronus along with Severus Snape?

Lily Evans.

What is Severus snapes patrounus?

His patronus is a doe. I know, shocking right? A doe is a female deer.

Who conjured the patronus that showed Harry Potter the sword of Godric Gryffindor?

Severus Snape. His patronus was a doe because he always loved Harry's mother, Lily Potter.

Why is snapes potronis a doe?

That is related to the fact that he was in love with Lily Evans - whose patronus was also a doe.

What do Patronuses represent?

Patronus is a phantom of your best memory ever. You concentrate specifically on your memory and your patronus appears when the incantation is given. The Patronus is in the form of an animal representing feelings and your traits. For example Severus Snape changed his Patronus to a Doe to match Lily Evans, his love. Another example is Nymphadora Tonks whose Patronus resembles a werewolf creature, taking the shape from Remus Lupin her werewolf love.

Who put the gryffindor sword in the lake?

It is revealed that Severus Snape does, because when Harry looks through his memories, he sees that Snape's patronus is a doe, which is the same patronus that lead Harry to the lake :)

When does Harry Potter find out lily's patronus is a doe?

in the 7 book when he goes in snapes memory

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