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Haha. I don't think you should try to get a girl in the fourth grade. Just have fun being a kid...because eventually you're going to miss it. Just have fun. Plus, I don't think you know what it means to truly like someone for what they are in the fourth grade. Sorry, if I was mean, I was just trying to be honest. =)

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Q: How do you get a girl in 4th grade?
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How do you get a fourth grade girl?

You don't "get" a 4th grade girl. She is not an object you buy, but a person with thoughts and feelings. If you are in 4th grade too be her friend. If you are older leave her alone.

How do you get a 4th grade girl friend?

You have to be nice and tell her in 5th grade?

Would he date 4th grade girl?

=== ===

How do you know if a girl likes me in 4th grade?

Ask her

What is the average height of 4th grade girl?


How do you get a 4th grade boy to like a 5th grade girl?

well, get to know her as a friend

What is the grade for a ten year old?

If the boy/girl started school late, 4th grade If the boy/girl started school early, 6th grade If the boy/girl started school on time, 5th grade

How do you make a fifth grade girl be a 4th graders girlfriend?

Just ask and say I love you girl so be my gf I'm a 5th grade girl

Is it okay for a 4th grade girl to love a eighth grade boy?

depends on what the 8th grade boy looks like!

How can a fourth grade girl kiss a 4th grade boy likes her?

You shoudn't be kissing in the fourth grade. yeah i totally agree!

How do you get a 6th grade girl to like a 4th grade boy?

no chance, buddy. i am a sixth grade girl and there is no way I would date a nine or ten year old boy. sorry.

What is the fastest time a 4th grade girl has run a mile?

4.9 minunetes

Girl Scout Program?

form_title=GIrl Scout Program form_header=Girl Scouts helps young ladies develop valuable life and leadership skills. Find a program in your area. What grade is you child in?*= {Pre K, Kindergarden, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade} What school does your child go to?*= _[50] Has your daughter ever been involved with girl scouts before?*= () Yes () No

What do 4th grade boys like in a 4th grade girl?

well my friend, likes a boy in 4th grade but when i make her mad around him and goes away he would give" me i like you eyes"when i talk about how she was a drama he like girls who likes to talk about girls

What should you do because you are in 4th grade and someone you like is in fifth grade?

If you r a boy boy that likes a girl in 5th just dont ask her out if you r a girl then do itI would be freaked out if boy in fourth grade asked me out and if I was a boy and it was a cute girl then yeah I would do it!

How can a sixth grade boy like a girl in 4th grade girl?

It depends. It could be a little akward for the girl, and, generally your friends would probably make fun if they knew. It really just comes down to what you think! :)

Which manga has a 4th grade girl with an otaku father?

Could you mean ''Otaku no Musume-san''?

Is it OK if a 4th grade girl kisses a 5th grade boy at the end of the school year and she doesn't love him but he loves her?

Yes, but Make sure he doesn't think that means he's going out with you. - wonderinggurl (almost a 7th grade girl)

If your 10 what grade are you in?

Around 4th to 5th grade.

How do you get a 5th grade boy to notice a 4th grade girl?

Just be yourself :) If they don't like you for who you are then they aren't worth it. Try talking to him. good luck! :)

How can you get a 6Th grade to like a 4Th grade girl?

it's not gonna happen. In elementary school, kids are so in their own grade, won't even look at the younger grades. I know, I'm in 9th grade.

Where should a fourth grade girl kiss a 4th grade boy?

It doesent need to be somewhere as romantic if you are in fourth grade. Probally somewhere at school, but private so you dont getcaught

What is the average weight of a fourth grade girl?

The average weight of a 4th grade girl depends on her height. See the related question, further down this page, for in-depth information about weight in relation to height.

How much should a 4th grade girl weigh?

Around 60-80 pounds should be good.

How do you make a 4th grade boy like a 4th grade girl?

find out what he likes best and try to talk about the subject and don't dress to pretty or to ugly and maybe try to make friends and maybe he will like you.

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