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By getting her pregnant.

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Q: How do you get a girl in trouble?
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When was Girl Trouble - band - created?

Girl Trouble - band - was created in 1984.

When was Little Trouble Girl created?

Little Trouble Girl was created in 1996-05.

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Can you get in trouble for dating a girl above the age of consent?

no you cant get in trouble for dating a girl that's above the consent age but you can get in trouble if you and the girl have sex because you're under the age of consent.

What are the ratings and certificates for Girl Trouble - 1995 V?

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Can you get in trouble for getting a Mexico girl pregnant?

Yes. The trouble you can get in is when her dad and brothers find out. You will be in big trouble.

What are some girl names that mean trouble?

The only girl name that I could find that meant "Trouble" was the name Kesi. Kesi is a Swahili name for a girl who is born at the time of great trouble for the father. Hope this helps!

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in a bad situation, euphamism sometimes for pregnant when a girl is in "trouble"

If you asked a girl to kiss you and she said no and you did not touch her can you get in trouble?

If you didn't touch her then you can't get in trouble

Will you get in trouble for touching a girl?

You can if you do not first get permission.