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when you are in 4th grade and at the same school as last year and some girls liked you and you didn't know some one will tell you. in 4th then if you like who likes you ask them out you don't need to be in 4th twice to get a girlfriend.

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Q: How do you get a girlfriend in the fourth grade?
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How do you get a fourth grade girlfriend?

you don't you're in fourth grade

Is it bad that you dont have a girlfriend in 4th grade?

No, you do not need a girlfriend, in fourth grade. Wait until 6th grade. TRUST ME.

How does a fourth grade kid get a 5th grade girlfriend?

In this grade it is inappropriate to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in this grade. I say wait till you get in middle school. im in fourth and its hard u just have to be veary good looking my friend has a girlfriend in 6th and hes in 4th he just got lucky

How should you kiss your fourth grade girlfriend in school?

Should 4th graders really be kissing? And in school? Inappropriate.

How do you know if a girl likes you in 4th grade?

Trust me, in fourth grade, you don't exactly have relationships, even if you think you do. you probably won't have a REAL girlfriend (or want one) until you are in 6th, or 7th grade.

Do you capitalize fourth when saying ..He is a Fourth Grade student?

No. it's not necessary. It should be --- He is a fourth grade student.

Is fifth grade easier than 4th grade?

Since i was in 5th and fourth grade fourth grade may be hard but from my experience fith grade is alot harder than fourth grade trust me . well see ya

At what age did bill kaulitz have his first girlfriend?

Bill said in an interview his first girlfriend was in fourth grade, and he really loved her. He said she was older. But I don't know how old he was exactly. Nine or ten, I guess?

How do you get a fourth grade boy to notice a fourth grade girl?

Im a boy and in fourth grade so I would start a conversation and look strate in to his eyes

What grade is Nelson Muntz in?

4th Grade.

How does a fourth grade boy try to kiss a fourth grade girl?

a quick pop kiss

What if you have crush on a boy in fourth grade and your not able have a boyfriend?

well if the boy is only in 4th grade, then he's too young to have a girlfriend. just wait until your both older, so you can actually have a true relationship together.