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You sound like you're keeping score. If this guy hasn't committed to you within this time (way too long by the way) then it's time to make him work for you! Don't be so easy going and available to this guy. If you are working then keep working, take night courses, go out with friends and hey, if he still doesn't get it then tell him you've had enough and start dating other guys. If there is anything to your relationship then you dating guys will sure make him think a lot quicker. Unfortunately, sometimes when we are too kind to mates, family or friends we can often be taken for granted. Don't be a statistic. Expect as good as you give. I was going with my second husband for almost 3 years. We lived together only on the weekends (in my apartment.) Of course when a mate gets everything they want without having to work for it they are going to take advantage of it so one day I said, "You aren't getting the milk for free without buying this cow!" LOL I meant it and if he couldn't commit to a future together (as much as I loved him) I was moving on. He's a great guy, but was afraid of commitment and he had a choice ... make a commitment to get engaged or move on. Thankfully he chose the commitment and we have been happily married for 34 years. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you get a guy in year 7 to like you?
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