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You tell him that his girl friend is cheating on him with your ex and tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her with your bestfriend. That will absolutely work out.

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Well wait for him to break up with his girlfriend but don't be the one to break it up.

beat the other guy up FIRST then break up with your girlfriend

Well, Not to be negative Nellie or anything but you can't exactly GET a guy to break up with his girlfriend, and on the plus side, if you get a guy to break up with his girlfriend some how it may cause the girl to be very sad, and you don't want to hurt anybody do you? So the answer is time, just wait for when they have a fight and maybe they will break up.

you go up to the guy and tell him you dont mean this in a bad way but you think that his girlfriend is no good for him

It is wrong to try and break up a guy from his girlfriend because you will end up looking like the fool. It is wiser to keep dating other young men and perhaps in time this guy will break off his relationship with his girlfriend and that is the time you can ask him out on a date. You can't make someone love you.

Because your guy friend has a girlfriend you will have to accept that and if he should break up with his girlfriend that is the time to tell him how you feel and not before.

If he "loved" you more he would break up with his girlfriend to be with you.

You DON'T until they break up. Don't be a homewrecker.

lie to him that u saw his girlfriend kissing another guy.

Just tell him to break up with his girlfriend and you guys can get together

He is messed up... or he is a jerk either way, for saying he loves you and has a girlfriend... Make him break up with his girlfriend first... tell me how this works out No. tell his girlfriend what he has said. don't tell him to break up with his girlfriend, thats wrong

You can let him know that you like him too, but then everything is up to him. For things to continue, he must break-up with his girlfriend.

you ask her if she likes the guy if so - break up time if not - froget about the guy

They only way is to get her to break up with HIM. You have to do some dirty deeds.

say "son break up with your girlfriend".

wait till they break up then share feelings with him

maybe if he knows that you like him he will break up with that person otherwise just wait trust me I did that

it means he likes you lol. i wouldn't go out with him because if he would do that for his girlfriend now he would do it to you.

It means that although he cares about his girlfriend, he loves you more than her and would rather be with you than her

I do not understand why you ask this...first talk to your girlfriend and try to get as many things has you can out of her to see if she does really like another guy. If she does break up with her right then and there.

The lead vocals guy was having an affair with the drummer's girlfriend

well if he kissed you you just have to tell him, that was nice and that you like him and he might brake up with his girlfriend

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