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Q: How do you get a kerchief midriff in Free Realms?
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What is a midriff?

it is the awesomest article of clothing in Free Realms

What is a midriff shirt?

it is the awesomest article of clothing in Free Realms

How do you get snowhill midriff from Free Realms?

You have to complete a key collection that opens up the secret chest in snowhill

What rhymes with riff?

cliff, bailiff, midriff, plaintiff, sniff, stiff, kerchief, if, jiff

How do you get the midriff shirt in Free Realms?

There are a bunch of different ways, you get a certain number of Rare Exploration coins you can get, or you can get it from the coin shop, from the chest rewards, or get it from another player.

How do you get a white midriff in Free Realms?

How to get one is colect keys and get the Snowhill Treasure Key,Then find the Treasure Chest and it will give you a SnowHill BackPack,gloves,midfriff shirt,pants,hat.That should help ya! Free Realms SOE Support Referee Gold

How do you update Free Realms?

You Dont Update Free Realms Aslong As You Log Into Free Realms Free Realms Updates Itself

When did Free Realms happen?

Free Realms happened in 2009.

What do hedgehogs eat in free realms?

There are no hedgehogs in Free Realms...

How much does Free Realms cost?

Free realms cost 0.They are free.

What is free realms insider?

free realms insiders (FRI) is a forum fansite run by a few players of free realms.

When was Free Realms launched?

Free realms was launched in 2010 on the mac.