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You go to each territory then you meet a wolf in each place by following the yellow dotted trails. Then you meet a wolf in a territory and get five hearts with him/her then ask to start a family.

Id say that when you meet the wolf it would say something above its head. When you talk to it say 'Hello there' and it will mimacate exactly what you say until you get five hearts. When you start the family save the game and start your territory find just the right place to start. Then mark it and then you have pups.. i wonder if that happens if your a boy:> Then you defend your pups and regergitate food for the four pups. ( I'm stuck on it 'cause a bear attacked us:@. Then you'll take the great journey but it's almost impossable with three pups if one died let alone four! hope i helped! :)
You have to run around to the other territories, using the scents, find a female you like, some are males, and say the right stuff you get a mate!

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How do you get a mate on WolfQuest 2?

You get a mate in Wolfquest 1, have pups in 2 and who knows what for 3

How do you find a mate on WolfQuest Episode 2 Slough Creek?

you cant you can find a mate in wolfquest episode 1. i think in wolfquest 2.5 you can but i dont know

How do you get pregnant on wolfQuest?

On the 1st WolfQuest you can't... However on WolfQuest 2 you can but you need a mate on the 1st one.

Can you talk to your mate on wolfquest?

No, you can't talk to your mate on WolfQuest but you can talk to other players on the multiplayer section. I hope this helped!

Can you choose the color of your mate in Wolfquest?


Why can't WolfQuest users say mate?

the wolfquest staff doesn't like innappropriate language so they don't let you say 'mate'

What do you do after you find a mate in WolfQuest?

nothing you just have fun with your mate! wolfquest slough creek is coming in a few days.the wolfquest producers had to posepone the release several times because of fundings for wolfquest designers(most likely the economy and money issues).

How do you mate on wolfquest slough creek?

you cant mate on slough creek. you have to mate on amethyst mountain which is the first episode or wolfquest. then you can use that file to go on slough creek. hope this helps :)

Why your mate on Wolfquest is slower then you?

because she is following you

WolfQuest - can your mate leave you?

No, your mate stays with you throughout the entire game.

After you get a mate in WolfQuest?

After you get a mate in wolf quest you can find a den and raise pups.

How do you give your mate food in WolfQuest?

You can't. You need to have your mate follow you. He/she will eat with you.

What is the second quest in wolfquest?

The second quest in WolfQuest is where you and your mate look for a den, mark your territory, and protect and raise your pups.

What are the quests in Wolfquest 2?

The aim of WolfQuest Episode 2: Slough Creek is to find a den for you and your mate then raise your pups. You need to keep them from danger and give them love. The pups start off 6 weeks old. GAME HINT: You need to have a mate in the WolfQuest: Amythist Mountain to be able to have a mate in Slough Creek. From WolfGal

When will spring come on WolfQuest?

On WolfQuest 2.5.1 when you get to Slough creek with your mate find your land mark it then wait few mins then its spring

How do you lose a mate in wolfquest?

well... a grizzly could kill him / her .----*Note* by KoaWolfQuestMod:Normally, your WolfQuest singleplayer mate will re-spawn (come back to "life") if they die. It is impossible (to my knowledge?) to truly "lose" or make your mate disappear and never re-appear.Sometimes, glitches/bugs may make your mate stay in a different part of the WolfQuest map or prevent he/or she from returning to your side.

In WolfQuest what does it mean when the heart by your name and status turns pink?

You have a mate.

How do you save wolfquest after getting a mate?

press esc then press save

Can you be a pregnant Rp Mother Wolf in WolfQuest without a mate?

yes i can

How do you stop yourmate following you on wolfquest?

To make your mate stop following you all you have to do is howl and when your mate starts to howl then run away from him/her and they will stay put it if you are far away enough. Regards, Lunaressa WolfQuest

In WolfQuest what happens if your mate stops following you?

stop an look be hind you your mate will start runing if not go closer

How do you chat to your mate on wolf quest?

Unfortunately, there is no current way to communicate with your mate on WolfQuest. Your mate with respond to your howls and will wag their tail when close to you, but that is basically all that is implemented at this time.Note: If you mean in multiplayer, please keep in mind that mates and mate-related behavior is not allowed on WolfQuest and you can be permanently banned for it.

How do you mate with a male in WolfQuest?

well, if your on story, then you must find a mate and it just automatically happens but if you aren't on story.... you cant mate so there's that.

What is a dispersal on wolfquest?

A dispersal is a wolf, such as yourself, that has left its pack to look for a mate. Whatever gender you are when you can get a mate these are the wolves that you look for.

Why can't you get wolf pups in wolfquest?

You can. Go to the next level after finding a mate.

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