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How do you get a mate on WolfQuest?



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You go to each territory then you meet a wolf in each place by following the yellow dotted trails. Then you meet a wolf in a territory and get five hearts with him/her then ask to start a family.

Id say that when you meet the wolf it would say something above its head. When you talk to it say 'Hello there' and it will mimacate exactly what you say until you get five hearts. When you start the family save the game and start your territory find just the right place to start. Then mark it and then you have pups.. i wonder if that happens if your a boy:> Then you defend your pups and regergitate food for the four pups. ( I'm stuck on it 'cause a bear attacked us:@. Then you'll take the great journey but it's almost impossable with three pups if one died let alone four! hope i helped! :)
You have to run around to the other territories, using the scents, find a female you like, some are males, and say the right stuff you get a mate!