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How do you get a mew?

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well battle me kikyo ill give you one[mew] i have 5, if you is my Pokemon 1. charizard lv 95 2. suicune lv 100 3. milotic lv 100 4. espeon lv 99 5. mew lv 07 6. lugia lv 100 pretty tough find me at the middlesex library in nc yes im a girl and i kick butt bye bye

You can catch mew in Pokemon color blue and red

If you want mew here are the steps:

1. When heading to bill's lighthouse, do not battle the youngster.

2. Go to Celadon City and go through the underground tunnel. And step out onto Route 8. Save here just incase you mess up.)

3. Take one step from the building and press start.

4. Make your Pokemon fly to Cerulean City.

5. The gambler, I told you about earlier will see you right after you fly away.

6. Go to the Nugget Bridge and challenge the youngster.( Do not step right in front of him because you GAME WILL FREEZE. Also your start button will not work right now.)

7. After challenge the youngster, your start button will work. Fly to Lavender town.

8. Head towards route 8 and your start button menu pop up. Press B to exit the menu.

9. Voila, a level 7 mew will pop up out of nowhere.

Note: If you try to challenge trainers other than the youngster, you can end up with Missingno( which I do not advise to catch), Nidoqueen, Grimer, Rhyhorn, and other Pokemon. You can do this as many times as you want as long as you do not battle with the gambler. Nidoqueen at level 7 is special because we all know that you cannot not have a Nidoqueen naturally at level 7.

You can use a GameShark (or Mystery Ticket from Nintendo), this codes are for Pokemon Emerald: (Scroll down and READ there are more!)

MasterCode ((M) Must Be On) 9266FA6C97BD 905B5ED35F81 B76A68E5FAB1

Battle Mew [L+Sel] (Lv. 30) AE45D79E2DF6 06B6AA5A3903 AE45D79E2DF6 805C1D31C295

Battle Deoxys [R+Sel] AE45D69EADF6 FF2A165F8C45 AE45D69EADF6 805C1D31C295

Battle Ho-oh [R+A+Sel] AE44970EADD6 76F022123307 AE44970EADD6 805C1D31C295

Battle Lugia [L+B+Sel] A845D79CADEE 866E1F5B8800 A845D79CADEE 805C1D31C295

Battle Kyogre [R+A+Sel] AE44970EADD6 0F94A93677C7 AE44970EADD6 895DDCA5C6F5

Battle Groudon [R+B+Sel] A845D69C2DEE 7F88B43747C7 A845D69C2DEE 895DDCA5C6F5

Choose Latias/Latios [L+Sel] AE45D79E2DF6 06BCBD335902 3B3D7845CC00

Battle Latias/Latios [R+Sel] AE45D69EADF6 06BC3C33D902 BBBC78434C16

This is code for Ruby (EUROPEAN) to get MasterBall:

1. Deposit all the pokeballs to PC (while using this code) 2. Save and turn of 3. The Code:

MasterCode ((M) Must Be On) 930403081078 91AC25D148D2 04B97176CAD5

Master Ball (This will replace the first slot in your pokeball-bag with MasterBall)


4. Hint: Empty pokeball-bag then Activate the code, then buy 99 pokeballs, woosh they are masterballs! (Trade 1 or 2 (Pokemon hold) to Emerald and catch mew)

This is my first day with gameshark and I have 1 Lugia, 1 Ho-oh and 3 mews

You can find this and more codes at (Buy it there as well)

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Who is the prettiest mew mew?

Renee ( Mew Mew Power ) or Zakuro ( Tokyo Mew Mew ) and Zoey ( Mew Mew Power ) or Ichigo ( Tokyo Mew Mew )

Did Mew Mew Berry appear in Tokyo Mew Mew?

In the manga she's in the next series Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode ~ Mew Mew Berry? No, she didn't. There's Mew Ichigo, Mew Mint, Mew Lettuce, Mew Pudding and Mew Zakuro

What are the power names for the mew mew power?

Mew zoey Mew corina Mew Bridgette Mew Kiki Mew renee

In mew mew power is their a sixth you mew?

there is mew berry and mew ringo.

What is the name of the seventh mew from mew mew power?

There is no 7th mew mew.

How old is Corina in Mew mew power?

11 tokyo mew mew 14 mew mew power

In mew mew power is their a sixth mew mew?

Yes there is a 6th mew mew to the storyline.Its a guy thought,its not a girl like the others usually are. The blue Knight which is also Mark. Yes, but the answer is not true. The Blue Knight is NOT a mew mew, there is a sixth and seventh mew mew but they are not in the TV show Mew Mew Power, the sixth mew mew is Mew Berry in Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode, a manga and the seventh is Mew Ringo who is not a true mew mew because she does not have the animal gene in her, she gets her powers from a necklace, Mew Ringo is in a video game. And if you count Mini Mew there are eight all together.

Where is Kiki's Mew Mew Mark?

In Tokyo Mew Mew, Pudding's (Kiki) mew mew mark is on her forehead. In Mew Mew Power, 4Kids took her mark off.

When did Ringo and berry becae mew mews?

Berry became a mew mew in the sequal, Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode. Ringo became a mew mew in the Tokyo Mew Mew playstation game.

Where do the Mew Mew girls work?

Cafe Mew Mew

What is the original of mew mew power?

Tokyo Mew Mew

What is the mew mew album called?

Tokyo Mew Mew

Who is the fairest mew mew?

mew corina or mew zoey

Is there another show like mew mew power?

Yes there is. It's called Tokyo Mew Mew. The only difference between Tokyo Mew Mew and Mew Mew Power is that in Tokyo Mew Mew all the characters speak japanese, and in Mew Mew Power all the characters speak english.

What series came first mew mew power or Tokyo mew mew?

Tokyo Mew Mew and Mew Mew Power are exactly the same thing except that 4Kids dubbed Tokyo Mew Mew into English and renamed it Mew Mew Power. Tokyo Mew Mew is just in Japanese. Tokyo Mew Mew was created first though. You can watch Mew Mew Power in English for the first 53 episodes but you have to watch the rest on Tokyo Mew Mew in English subs. That's because 4Kids lost the right to dub anymore episodes.

Which episode is mew two returns?

Not from Mew Mew Power or Tokyo Mew Mew it is from the first movie of Pokemon and that movie has nothing to do with the Mew Mew shows.

What is ichigo's battle cry?

I think it could be: mew mew style mew mew grace mew mew power in your face

Who wrote Tokyo mew mew?

Mia Ikumi wrote Tokyo Mew Mew and Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode.

Mew mew Tokyo?

Tokyo Mew Mew actually, it's an anime. It has an English adaptation called Mew Mew Power, but unfortunately it was never finished. You can watch Mew Mew Power and Tokyo Mew Mew both of YouTube and where ever else you can find.

Is Tokyo mew mew better or mew mew power?


Is there a Tokyo Mew Mew series 2?

Yes, technically, There is Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode out and it has been translated into english. This series introduces Mew Mew Berry "The White Mew Mew".

How old is Bridget from mew mew power?

Bridget is 14 in mew mew power because she was 10-11 in tokyo mew mew

How many tokyo mew mew power episodes?

There are 52 Tokyo Mew Mew episodes, and 23 Mew Mew Power episodes.

Is mew mew power finished forver?

Mew Mew Power technically refers to the English version of Tokyo Mew Mew. Tokyo Mew Mew goes the end of the season, but Mew Mew power goes only part way into the season, but it is possible that the company that dubs Mew Mew Power will continue, it's hard to say. But although the Mew Mew power isn't finished, and that the Tokyo Mew Mew finished the season, these are both animes, the manga continues into a new season with more characters. This manga is called Tokyo Mew Mew Al Mode.

Is mew mew power and Tokyo mew mew the same?

no. mew mew power is americanized. they changed the names of all the characters. plus, Tokyo mew mew has 52 episodes while mew mew power has 26.____________________________________________________________Mew Mew Power and Tokyo Mew Mew is the same the only difference is thatMew Mew Power doesn't show all 52 Episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew (Japanese Version) a.k.a. Mew Mew Power (North America Version), because apparently NA lost the rights or something (I don't know all the details I just going by what someone on You-tube told me) so all 52 episodes were never shown. And also the Japanese names of the Characters have been changed for the North American Version. Hence Mew Mew Power and Tokyo Mew Mew are the same in a sense.