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Q: How do you get a ship out of the water?
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What makes ship in the ship in the sea move?


What does a ship's boiler do?

It boils water on a ship.

Difference between an empty ship and loaded ship in sea water?

A loaded ship is going to sink into the water more,causing water to displace..

What makes ship not to sink in water?

It's the way how the ship is built. The ship in the water is able to fully displace water equal to it own weight, so that the water exerts a greater upthrust on the ship, than the ship is able to exert on the water with its weight. The net upthrust results in the ship staying afloat. If at any point the ship is not able to displace an amount of water equal to its weight, it will keep sinking until EITHER the ship finally displaces the right amount of water and begins to float OR the ship cannot displace enough water and becomes completely submerged, and sinks to the bottom of the body of water.

Why do iron ship flow on water?

because it is designed in such a way for the ship to float on water

Why does a ship floating on water move?

because the water carries the ship along with its current

Why does a ship floats on water answer based on archemedis principel?

Weight of ship = weight of (displaced) water.

Why a stone sink in water but a ship floats on water surface?

A stone has a greater density than water; a ship, less.

What is the water like at the front of a ship.?

Same as at the back of the ship.

The outside of a ship that holds the water out?

The Hull is the body of the ship

Why does iron ship floats in water?

Because the weight of the water that they displace is greater than the weight of the ship.

Differences between a ship and a submarine?

a ship floats on the water and a submarine can go underwater and on top of the water