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If you breed any type of dragon as long as they are lv 10 you will get them

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Q: How do you get a silver Olympus dragon in DragonVale?
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Is there going to be a bronze dragon in DragonVale?

There is a Bronze Olympus Dragon on sale right now on DragonVale if you were talking about the Bronze Olympus Dragon. If you were just talking about a Bronze Dragon then I don't know.

How do you get a bronze Olympus dragon in DragonVale?

Blazing and Crystal

What dragons go in the Olympus habitat in DragonVale?

Olympus bronze Olympus silver Olympus Gold

How do you get a gold Olympus dragon on DragonVale?

You breed the Willow Dragon and the Quake Dragon on the Epic Breeding Island. You also have a chance of getting a silver or bronze dragon when you breed, but you will just have to keep at it! It helps when your dragons are level 10.

How do you breed a silver dagon on DragonVale?

ironwood dragon and storm dragon

What dragon will you get with a gold egg with silver diamonds in DragonVale?

This will be a crystal dragon.

What dragon will you get out of a yellow egg with silver diamonds in DragonVale?

Crystal dragon

How do you make a silver dragon on DragonVale?

U breed the two dragons ice and sandstorm

How do you get a birthstone dragon on DragonVale?

There is no such thing as a Birthstone Dragon on DragonVale

How do you you get free gems DragonVale?

you can win them when you get a silver medal or gold medal in the Colosseum, and in the dragon track

Are Olympus dragons in DragonVale limited time?

No they are not.

How do you breed a star dragon in DragonVale?

As of July 2012, there has not been a star dragon in DragonVale.