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Last year I just got rid of some squirrels and the other posters are right. You can rent a cage and I used peanut butter to attract them into the cage. Worked like a charm. Be sure you get all of them. They may have a mate and also go on the web and find out when they have their babies. You don't want to leave the little ones to starve. Then we relocated the squirrels in a wood area about 20 miles from our home. Good luck Marcy Many pet stores or even your local animal services will offer cages wherein you can place some food. When the squirrely enters, the cage door closes behind it and it can then safely be relocated outside. That, or leave a window or door open and it might simply leave on its own. Set a trap, there are squirrel traps at any farm supply store. you lure them with ham they love it

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Q: How do you get a squirrel out of a basement?
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