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either oxy ckean or tide wash your white shirt thats how u get iut out

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Q: How do you get a stain out of your white shirt?
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Get blue pen out of shirt?

There are a number of ways to get blue pen out of a shirt including using bleach if the shirt is white. You could also rub dish soap into a pen stain that is new and it should take the stain out.

What do you call a stain on a shirt or tie?

A stain on a shirt or tie..........

How do you remove a chocolate stain from a shirt?

If its a white shirt, bleach it. If it a colored shirt, use Clorox. If its a small stain, use a Clorox magic pen. If none work, buy a new one. OR>>>>>>>>>>OXYCLEAN If it is a white you just bleach it and scrub it. And for colors just scrub it by hand and use stain removers and color safe bleach.

What will happen if you bleach a T-shirt?

if its white it will turn whiter but if its color it will fade or stain

How do you get wood stain out of a white t-shirt?

How you can get a wood stain out of a white t-shirt depends on whether the stain is oil or water-based. For oil-based wood stains, use mineral spirits and for water-based wood stains, use acetone. Blot the stain from the edges and work your way in towards the middle but do not rub. Wash the t-shirt on a hot laundry cycle, between 60 and 90 degrees.

What happens if you wear a white shirt?

It will end up with a food stain on it before an important meeting.

How do you get pernament marker off of a something?

You can use bleach if it's a white shirt or you can get stain remover.

Do you tell someone when there is a stain on their shirt?

yes or they will go around all day with a stain on the shirt! ;)

How do you remove colour stain from white shirt?

put it in the washing machine if that doesnt work then buy another :)

White shirt with blue stain remove with what?

Have you tried Vanish? If not, try it, because we use it on the carpet and it works!

How do you get paint off a white shirt?

I am not sure but you might try soaking the affected area with nail polish remover but it might stain the shirt the color of the paint. If that happens you could possibly then try removing the stain with bleach.

How do you get rid of the stain cause by semen?

You can't, be prepared to rock those white stains on your favorite hat and shirt!