How do you get a vehicle out of impound?

IF the title you have shows YOU as owner, then you are merely getting YOUR car out of impound. No repo involved, you loaned the car to a friend, PAY up and get gone.

bcuz of unpaid tickets license suspended,bought a car week ago 12/19/04 both me and my bro are on the contract he is the co-signer,he has a valid D.L. and insurance, my car was put on a 30day hold i need to get it out so i won't get charged an arm and a leg,(1,000)what could i do can my bro get the car out,or can i pay all my tickets and get my license back up to date ,and get a judge to overturn the 30day hold?im going to court tomorrow and pay all my tickets and get my car out of there.please help me !!!!