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There are various ways to acquire a Visa credit card. One can use their checking accounts and have their ATM card double as a Visa credit card. Another way is to apply to banks a revolving credit line.

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Q: How do you get a visa credit card?
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Is a discover credit card a visa?

No, the Discover Card is a completely separate type of credit card. It is not a VISA or MasterCard.

What type of credit card is Visa or Discovery?

Visa Debit Card

Is visa card a credit card?

Yes, it is.

What is one of the credit card numbers on the visa credit card?


What is the annual fee for the Chase Visa credit card?

There is no annual fee for the Chase Visa credit card. That is one of the benefits you receive from the card. They offer many benefits along with the Chase Visa credit card.

Does visa offer a prepaid credit card?

Yes you can purchase a prepaid debit or credit card with the visa logo.

What is the target market for the Visa Infinite credit card?

Maybank launched the Visa Infinite credit card. The Visa Infinite credit card targets people who enjoy traveling, shopping, and dining. It is a great credit card for those who love adventure.

What is a rush card?

A visa, debit, credit card.

How can you tell if a credit card is VISA?

You can identify a credit card number if it is a VISA credit card number by looking at the first number which is number four and it has sixteen numbers.

How many zeros are at the end of a Visa credit card?

There are no zeros on the end of (my) visa card.

Can you buy club penguin membership with a visa gift card?

with a visa credit card

How is the Walmart Money Card different from a normal Visa credit card?

The Walmart money card is different from a normal Visa credit card because an individual has to deposit money on the Walmart card before he or she can purchase items with the card. Whereas the Visa credit card already has money on it, or a certain amount of credit.

Can you pay on a Home Depot credit card with a Visa card?


Do you know what percentage of Americans own a Visa credit card?

31.7 percentage of Americans own a Visa credit card. You can read more information at › Credit Card News

What is visa credit card slogan?

"More people go with Visa"

What credit card starts with 4563?


What s credit card 4493?


Credit cards numbers for visa?

how many numbers are on a visa card 16number of VISA

Are Visa giftcards accepted anywhere normal credit cards are?

A Visa gift card is not actually accepted everywhere a Visa credit card is accepted. It is a prepaid card which operates like and is accepted as a debit card, not a credit card. While the vast majority of merchants will accept both Visa debit cards and credit cards, if the merchant chooses not to accept debit cards the prepaid Visa card cannot be used.

What does visa cards means?

Visa card does not have a specific meaning. The Visa card is a credit card company. Visa cards are accepted at retailers all over the world.

Who can apply for a US Visa card in India?

Thee are many people who can apply for a US Visa card in India. One who has a good amount of credit and no credit card issues can apply for a US Visa card in India.

How can one use prepaid Visa credit cards online?

There are many retailers that will accept prepaid Visa credit cards online. If one chooses to use a prepaid Visa credit card online, the process is the same as when using a regular Visa credit card.

Where do you get a visa?

Visa in the type of Entry or Travel Visa document can be applied in the appropriate Embassy or Consulate offices around the world. Visa in the type of Visa Credit Card can be applied with the appropriate banks that issue credit card under Visa.

What visa card is right for a person with no credit?

Visa offers a few options for people who have bad credit or no credit. Some potential options include the Platinum Zero Secured Visa, the Open Sky Secured Visa, and the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card.

What is the full meaning of VISA?

The Credit card company VISA = Visa International Service Association.