How do you get a wild card pinata in viva pinata?

PREVIOUS ANSWER: "to get a wild card pinata, you just have to become master romancer of that species, everytime you do it, you get twin 'wild cars' " ----

That's not entirely accurate, I'm afraid. :( Yes, to open the ability to breed Wildcard Pinata, you must become a Master Romancer (you'll know this when the hearts in the Romancing Mini-Game begin to flash). At that point, you'll have to collect ALL of the flashing hearts to get the Wildcard Bonus. You'll only get the Twin Bonus if you collect all of the flashing hearts within a certain time limit (TIP: try to plan your route around the Loathers before starting the game, the clock won't count down until you move your Pinata). As with everything in life, practice makes perfect! ^_~ Every Pinata (except for Chocodocolus and Dragonache) have Wildcard Variants. I believe there is only 1 per Pinata on the Classic 'Viva Pinata', but there are 3 per Pinata on the 'Trouble In Paradise' game. Obtaining all 3 Wildcard Variants as far as I know is totally random, only rumors suggest certain methods, but I've not personally found any that work every time. Hope this helps! ^_^