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How do you get additional Moonstones in Pokemon Emerald?

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Getting Additional MoonstonesYou can trade one from sapphire/ruby, that's the only way I know. I used mine to evolve Jigglypuff,I suppose you could also trade one from leafgreen/firered. ATTACH THE MOONSTONE TO A POKEMAN AND GO TO TRADE CENTER. I don't know what you do if you don't have any other Pokemon game to trade them from.
2011-09-13 02:08:09
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How many moonstones are in pokemon firered?

There are 2 moonstones that are findable in LeafGreen. One is found in Mt. Moon, while the other is found in the Rocket hideout. Additional moon stones can be found on wild clefairy.

Can you buy moonstones on Pokemon Sapphire?

Yes You Can!

How do you get two moonstones in Pokemon saphirre?

find them

Where can you find moonstones on Pokemon platinum?

in caves, people, pokemon, the syour.

Where are all the moonstones in Pokemon Yellow?

moonstone in mt.moon

How many moonstones are there in Pokemon gold and solver?


Can you get four moonstones on Pokemon FireRed?

Im pretty sure you can.

How do you get a moonstone in Pokemon platinum?

try to catch a clefary! they usually have moonstones! ;)

How can you evolve nidorino in Pokemon tower defence?

There is a store where you can buy moonstones, use that.

Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

How do you get to Hoenn in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon emerald is in Hoenn

How do you get yanma in emerald?

You cannot get a Yanma in Pokemon Emerald, as only Hoenn Region Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you get moonstones on Pokemon Yellow?

You have to find them in the field of play. There is one maybe two in Mt. Moon.

Where can you find moonstones in Pokemon soulsilver?

you can find a few in mt.moon. just search throughly. -RR14

How do you get Cinnah Pokemon in emerald?


Where do you get regigigas in Pokemon emerald?

You can't get a Regigigas on Pokemon Emerald.

Where is the power plant in Pokemon Emerald?

there is no powerplant in pokemon emerald

Which Pokemon can learn defog in Pokemon emerald?

defog is not in emerald,

Where is pal park in Pokemon emerald?

There is no PalPark in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you get hammer arm in Pokemon emerald?

where do you get the spade from on Pokemon emerald

Where is Rotom in Pokemon emerald?

rotom isn't in Pokemon emerald

Which is better pokemon emerald or pokemon leafgreen?

emerald no doubt

Where is groudan in Pokemon Emerald?

where can i find groudan in Pokemon emerald

How can you disable autosave in Pokemon emerald?

There is no Autosave in Pokemon Emerald.

Where to get deoxys?

Pokemon Emerald: Birth Island Pokemon Sapphire: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald. Pokemon Ruby: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.