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Simply beat Giovanni in Viridian City and get the Earthbadge: it makes all Pokemon obey you.

ORAll Pokemon obey you, the badges are for Pokemon traded from other games.
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Q: How do you get all Pokemon to obey you in Pokemon Leaf Green?
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What are all the Pokemon in Pokemon Snap?

all the Pokemon from leaf green mostly Pokemon from the kanto region

In Pokemon leaf green how do you complete the pokedex do you have to catch all the Pokemon or see them?

You have to see them

What do you do when you are done in Pokemon Leaf-green?

your never done in Pokemon intell you have all poke mon and all level one hundred

What happens when you get all 150 Pokemon in Pokemon fire red and leaf green?

you be come the Pokemon master

What Pokemon can be traded to ruby and sapphire from leaf green and fire red?

all Pokemon after u get national dex in red/green all Pokemon after u get national dex in red/green

How do get all three starter Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

Use a VBA gameshark code

What Pokemon will breed with Ditto at the care center in leaf green?

all Pokemon breed with ditto.

Whats you the answer for the questionnaire in the Pokemon mart. Pokemon leaf green?

Link Together With All

Please give a list of every Pokemon in an egg and where to get it on leaf green.?

all Pokemon at the 4island daycare

How do you get all 150 Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

you can't some of the 150+ Pokemon can only be found on the leaf green version.

How do you steal elite four Pokemon on all Pokemon games?

go on Pokemon firered and leaf green serrebi .net

What Pokemon can you catch in FireRed?

in fire red and leaf green you can have the same Pokemon that you can get in Pokemon silver and gold. theres way too many to name them all it goes from bulbasour to mew theres 151 Pokemon in fire red and leaf green

How do you get 100 Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed without action replay?

It's easy all you have to do is trade with leaf green

Where is the cave that has all Pokemon in it in the Safari zone on leaf green?

there is no cave in the safari zone.

Can Pokemon obey you from trades?

It depends in which Pokemon game, but in the newest games (Diamond/Pearl) You will need to earn badges to get a higher level for them to obey. if you have all 8, all Pokemon will obey you.

Is there a way to get all beginer Pokemon in leaf green?

You get a begfinner Pokemon trade it to a different game then start over. Repeat until you have all of them.

If you have all 3 sterters do you get all 3 legendary cats in Pokemon leaf green?

no. it will be based on the starter Pokemon u get from professor oak

How do you get all 150 Pokemon in FireRed?

trade with leaf green. some Pokemon can only be found in one game and not the other.

What is the button combo to catch any Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

There are no button combos that work. It's all luck.

How do you get Pokemon to obey you?

beat all the gym-leaders and you should be able to make all Pokemon obey youHope this helped ^.^

In Pokemon emerald what badge lets Pokemon obey you?

These are the Gym Badges that make your Pokemon obey:Knuckle Badge: Pokemon up to level 30 obey you.Heat Badge: Pokemon up to level 50 obey you.Feather Badge: Pokemon up to level 70 obey you.Rain Badge: All Pokemon regardless of their level will obey you.

How will you make all your Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

you find all the Pokemon you can in Pokemon emerald then you trade Pokemon from ruby sapphire fire red and leaf green for more information

How do you get all the Pokemon in emerald?

you must trade from leaf green, fire red, saphire, or ruby

Im stuck on Pokemon Diamond and i want all of the Pokemon how do you do it?

to get all the Pokemon you have to migrate Pokemon from your other games like fire red leaf green ruby emerald sapphire

How do you get all Pokemon on Pokemon platinum to obey?

get all the gym badges.