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How do you get all seven gems in Sonic the Hedgehog?


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September 13, 2011 2:17AM

I'm assuming you're referring to Sonic the Hedgehog '06, since in the Genisis game, there were only six chaos emeralds.

If you mean the Chaos Emeralds in the End of the World level...

Tails: At the end of the fallen building, to the right of where it seems like you can't go on.

Omega: At the top of a floating platform, near a lava fall.

Silver: Near the end of where Sonic's version of the level ends, right before where a trail of rings for Sonic would be.

Knuckles: From the start, climb up to the top of the stone arc, then glide forward and a little to the left. A wooden road above the water leads to it, where some enemies are.

Rouge: On the shore of where the lighthouse is.

Amy: To the right of where Shadow's version of the level would have Rouge switch to Shadow for the last part.

Shadow: Surrounded by rings where Sonic's version of the level would have the first eagle that would take you to a separate section of the level.

Now, if you mean Sonic's gems, as in his shoe abilities... Buy them from any store. The first set are only available after the Radical Train level, and the last set are just before the last level.

The Rainbow Gem was never finished. Someone hacked into the game and got it, and when used, it activated an animation where Sonic turned into Super Sonic, but nothing happened when the animation ended.