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You need a copy of Pokemon LeafGreen inserted into the DS. Then catch wild Elikids. They have a chance of holding an elecralizer. (In diamond, 5% chance, Pearl, a 50-50 chance). Then trade an electabuzz holding one, and it will evolve.

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Where is the elctivicor in Pokemon diamond?

if you mean electrizer a small percentage of elekids will be holding it if you mean electevire elekid will evolve if you give it an electrizer then do another thing i dont know

Which is better electevire or magnezone?

ELECTEVIRE is better because you can teach him fire punch

How do you get electevire in Pokemon Diamond?

To get electivire you first have to get the item called the electralizer. But if you do not have this item you have to have fire red in the gba slot, then you will be able to have the Pokemon elekid in Pokemon diamond. All you have to do is catch him. once this is done check that he is holding an item. He should be holding the item electralizer. After that all you have to do is evolve him, or catch yourself an electabuzz when you do you will need a friend or a second DS with a Pokemon pearl/diamond to trade with. When you trade it should straight away evolve when you receives the Pokemon if it doesn't you didn't give it th electralizer *hehehehe* :) Hope this helped

What cheats can be used on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Get Electevire Type in BA16-X4SH-E2AT as a Mystery Gify code.

What do you do with the electirizer do in Pokemon HeartGold?

if u hav a electabuzz then give it an electerizer and trade and it shood evolve 2 a electevire

Should I buy Pokemon Diamond or the sims 2 pets?

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

How do you be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

you cant be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

How do you get an electevire?

To get an Electivire you need to trade a Electabuzz that is holding a Electirizer. A single Electirizer can be found in each Pokemon game usually as a hidden item.

Pokemon star or Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon diamond

Where is may in Pokemon Diamond?

She is not in Pokemon diamond.

Where is the Pokemon temple in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no Pokemon temple! There is such thing as Pokemon diamond.

What is Pokemon 47 in diamond?

Chingling is the 47th Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond.

What is Pokemon 134 on Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon 134 is Finneon in diamond

How do you get the special event on Pokemon Diamond?

where are special key in Pokemon diamond where are special key in Pokemon diamond

How do you get dark code for Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You can not get dark Pokemon on Pokemon diamond and pearl

Where is mt coronet in Pokemon Diamond?

in Pokemon diamond

Where do you get heartcales in Pokemon Diamond?

In the Pokemon diamond underground.

On Pokemon Diamond where is the ruins?

on Pokemon diamond where is the ruins

Which is better to get Pokemon diamond or Pokemon Pearl?


What is Pokemon number 114 in Pokemon Diamond?

#114 on Pokemon diamondUNOWN

How cani find manaphy in Pokemon Diamond?

To get a Manaphy in Pokemon Diamond you have to get Pokemon ranger and defeat it and you have to trade it to Pokemon Diamond,Platinum or Pearl.

How do you send Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution to diamond?

you can not send from Pokemon battle reveloution to diamond but you can send from diamond to Pokemon battle reveloution

Can you make new Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

No, you can't make new Pokemon on Pokemon diamond...

What are the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

The starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond are Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig.

On Pokemon Diamond what is 22?

Pokemon 22 in Diamond is Alakazam.