How do you get apendicitis?


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you get appendicitis when there is an infection in your appendix. you can cure it by getting your appendix removed. it can save your life. i had appendicitis and if you have the infection too long you could die. i was going to but then i got surgery just in time

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Constipation or Apendicitis

The appendix is surgically removed. That is the only treatment.

There hasn't been any case history of.

one symptom of apendicitis is the rigt side of your hips is painfull it is caused by bacteria

Yes, if you are hit in your stomach or side of your stomach hard enough it can rupture your appendix's.

It depends on how severe the case is, a mild case could last a week, but an extreme case could take weeks to get better. In the worst cases the appendix is taken out!

Apendicitis. ~I'm no doctor but maybe Ulcerative Colitis in the Ascending Colon? ~T00F FAIRY Depending on where, it could also be kidney stones, cysts, or an ectopic pregnancy

apendicitis can cause pain on the left or right side you might want to contact a doctor unless you already had your apendex removed

Yes. Both blood tests, and urine tests are ways to discover appendicitis, yet I'm pretty sure they won't just find it in a random test. I think you have to take a specific test to find out.

Harry Houdini was only married once, to a Wilhelmina Beatrice "Bess" Rahner They married July 22, 1894. Until Death do they part. October 31, 1926, Harry Houdini was pronounced dead after an operation. Death by Pertonitis caused by Apendicitis.

my husband has just had an apendicitis. In the CT scan it was found (incidental finding) two hypodense focal massess in the neck of the pancreas that will require follow up (MRI). We are freaking out. What could that mean? is it smething seriois or somethig normal? Thanks

It may be apendicitis.. - When appendix may need to be removed because it may have bursted and caused infection. Symptoms may be: - Pain may start near belly button and go down to lower right side of stomach. - Hurts when you walk, take deep breaths. You should see a doctor soon if you are having these symptoms.

Sounds more like a stomach virus or apendicitis to me. But if you think you're pregnant, take a home test or go see a doctor. You can rule out apendicitis because your appendix are on your right side. I am a nurse and yes you can it all depends on the woman. Every womans body is differentand every pregnancy is different also go see a doctor to cnfirm it . i had an ectopic pregnancy about 4 months ago. i had a terrible amount of pain on one side of my body. sometimes the pain would be like a cramp, and other times it would feel more like a knife cutting through me. i also exprienced numbness in my hand and foot on that same side of my body. by the time my doc figured out what was wrong, i had to have emergency surgery. i lost the baby along with my right ovary and tube. if you have an suspicions at all that you may have an ectopic pregnancy...please see you doctor immediately!

There are several ways, but of course, a doctor is the final judge. If you have pain in the lower right part of you belly, below where your underwear elastic band is . . . or even sometimes on the left side, that could be appendicitis. If you also have pain in your chest, that could be appendicitis. If you are running a fever with the pain, that could be appendicitis. If someone else can smell rotten apples on your breath, that could mean appendicitis. If you press in with your fingers deeply into the lower right part of you belly, and suddenly yank your fingers up and away, and it hurts, then it is likely that you have appendicitis. If you experience the belly pain, the fever, and the rebound pain (press and yank away fingers), you should see a medical person fairly soon.

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It could be. Instead of having a nice laparoscopic surgery to get the infected appendix removed with very little recovery time and pain, you could risk it rupturing and then the surgeon has to make a 4 to 6 inch cut to visualize your abdominal cavity. Then he will do a "wash" to suck out all of the infection out of your adb cavity, that, if it had been caught in time, would have been encapsulated in one piece in your intact appendix. Then after a few days of recovery from your open abdominal surgery, you may or may not have issues with healing as there is no guarantee that all of the infection has been cleaned out. Believe me, as a nurse I have taken care of patients that have lived through both of these scenarios, and if you suspect you are having issues with your appendix, do not hesitate to seek medical attention immedicately.

appendicitis can be a very tricky thing to identify. a couple times people wont think its any pain worth going to your doctor or to the emergency room for, but the truth is many people die from this because they don't get it removed in time. not to scare you intentionally, but this is a serious matter. check with your doctor if you have the following symptoms: right lower quadrant pain nausea diarrhea back pain (more often in adults) pain that feels like kidney pain the last symptom is what trips people up all the time. a lot of times if your appendix is inflamed, it could twist back so it feels like kidney pain. that doesn't mean you definitely have appendicitis if your kidney hurts, but it never hurts just to check with your doctor. now listen closely. IF THE PAIN GOES AWAY AND COMES BACK, CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. another thing appendicitis does is goes away and comes back frequently. usually the pain will get worse throughout the week or month. even if it doesn't, you should always check. appendicitis can linger for up to about three months!! by that time, you should know somethings up and go to the ER or ask your doctor. don't freak out. you may not have appendicitis. but then again, always check. i hope this information was helpful!

Not that I'm aware of, but have it checked out. It sounds like it could be apendicitis. It's not appendicitis. I get it on both sides it's just more noticeable on my left side. Big difference btwn this pain & that kind of pain. Thank you for your reply I appreciate it. Anyone else have any idea if this is a pg symptom? Or, anyone who is pg ever experienced this? I plan on testing on Friday if my period does not show up by then. I had the same thing happen to me with my 1st daughter. I actually went into the emegency room for a pain on my left side that would not go away. They took a pregnency test and it came back positive Yes, I hear it is quite normal. Your pg body is doing alot of shifting & stretching to accomodate the little one inside you. However, if it becomes too painful or, does not go away then you should call your Dr. right away. Pulling pain on your side is definitely a symptom, it occurs because the uterus is stretching to get ready for the baby. The sensation you are feeling is caused by your ligaments stretching. You may often feel this when you change positions while lying down or getting up abruptly. It sort of feels like your ovary is twisting. Thank you all for your replys to my question. It is indeed a indication of pregnancy. I took a test 3 days after asking this question & it was very much +. I am now almost 12 weeks along. Your appendix is on the right side of your body so you can rule out appendicitis Sharp pains are a sign of pregnancy, it was one of my first signs this time with #4. My pains are on both sides, I have heard that sharp pain on one side is a sign of tubal pregnancy, which if left undetected can cause your tube to rupture. Could just be nothing but I would at least check with my doctor if the pain is one sided. It may also be an ovarian cyst that comes and goes. an ultrasound can confirm that for you. Warning! I had the same thing. It felt like a bad cramp and got worse around my abdomen area. I was rushed to the hospital but in face it was my right ovary and they had to remove it. The blood supply tube to the right ovary twisted and swelled up my ovary. Please, if it gets worse, go to the hospital, as the ovary will die after 1 day while twisting. Lower your stress and do not wear any tighly buttoned jeans. I have the same pain and am a little concerned myself. I took a PG test and it was neg., but I think I took it too early. I am showing every other sign of being PG, though. I think the best thing to do would be to schedule a Dr. apptmt. as soon as you can get one to be sure that everything will go smoothly. I'm sure you are fine, though. Good luck! CONGRATS!!!

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