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man stop whining and start excercising u dud

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Q: How do you get big biceps without bench press?
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How much can big show bench press?

big show can bench press 2000 pounds

How much does the big show bench press?

500- 550lbs

How do you get big biceps without going to the gym?

bring the gym to you.

Does a bench press help your biceps?

Uh, I think they make them large, rather then big, But curls willl help the most, but you gotta get protein,fat,mass (etc.) and then turn it into muscle before any bulking happens. Hope this helps

How do you get big arms?

To get big arms you should really work on your triceps because your triceps make 2/3 of your arms. To work your triceps you can do chair dips or skull crushers. And to work your biceps you can do curls or chin ups a real good on is preacher curls.Some exercises that can help you develop big arms are:# Barbell curls # Hammer Curls # Incline bench Dumbbell curls # Preacher curls # Concentration curls # French Press # Reverse dips # Close grip bench press # One arm dumbbell extension # Pulley press down # Cable extension # Wrist curlsThe first 5 exercises are for the biceps, the last one is for forearms and the remaining are for Triceps.

How does a 14 year old boy get big pecs Relatively fast?

a 14 year old boy shouldn't workout too much as his muscles are still forming and growing. Exercises that will help to enlarge the pecks are barbell bench press, incline barbell bench press, decline barbell bench press, and decline dumbbell bench press.

How much weight can the big show bench press?

585 lbs 750 lbs

Can you bench press your own weight?

Yes, with a little bit of determination and workouts you can bench double your weight, though that takes some time. Get into the gym. Remember, Sleep BIG, Eat BIG, LIFT BIG. Whoever answered above is absolutely right. Almost everyone has the potential to bench their bodyweight and i would reasonably guess that almost every motivated, disciplined male can bench press twice his bodyweight eventually. There are even some prime lifters who can bench press almost 3 TIMES their own bodyweight!

How do you increase your bench press?

In order to increase bench press you must not do it more than every 2-3 days because your muscles need time to rest you can add weight to your bench press every 2 weeks with 5-10 pounds I usually bench press every 4 days and the that after my bench I like to work my triceps because triceps have a big impact on bench press also have you tried other workouts on your bench day like dumbbell press, dumbbells fly or incline and decline bench press you could also gain more muscle which could help you with the weight eat high protein foods such as chicken and lean steak also get lots of rest

How big are randy orton's biceps?

Biceps are 18+ inches

Is it ok to bench press everyday?

if You use less than 60% of your 1 rep max it's ok, otherwise you should only every oyther day if you're going to be bench pressing in order to get stronger or bigger, then no, do not bench press every day. If you are a woman or a man who wants to lift like a woman or look like a woman, then feel free to. Bench press is a man's lift. A big lift. A growing lift. You should bench press once per week. maybe twice. but go for big weight each time. Bench press is not cardio. So stay away from 60% max crap and stay strong.

How much does Will Smith bench press?

will maximums 175 kg in benchpress, big dude! will maximums 175 kg in benchpress, big dude!

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