How do you get big eyebrows?


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You cant get "big" eyebrows


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Stegosaurus did. Big bushy eyebrows.

The trait of big eyebrows lasts only for 9 years at max. The people with big eyebrows have certain mutation in a gene that soon corrects itself. Sincerely, Dr. Jackton Gene Scientist

Yes he does, they seem really big, but there's nothing you can do about your eyebrows. Besides he looks good with them, and as long as they're not unibrow it's fine. {Actually there is stuff you can do about your eyebrows. Pluck, wax, shave if you're desperate, which Joe would be if he cut his hair and actually saw his eyebrows. They're not even eyebrows anymore, they are powerbrows.}

a serious person with big eyebrows

big feet and bushy eyebrows and looks like a chipmunk

Till her mouth alligns with the end of her eyebrows

No, monkeys do NOT have eyebrows.

No, rabbits do not have eyebrows

No Pigs don't have eyebrows

Yes they have eyebrows.

Same reason why we have eyebrows

Eyebrows are located above the eyes.

They have eyelashes, but not eyebrows. Most mammals do not.

Yes, some do. Such as the camel, which has eyebrows, and two sets of eyelashes for keeping out sand.

let ur eyebrows grow back

no. once they're gone they're gone forever

The eyebrows are superficial to the frontal bone.

plucking eyebrows? tweezing? with tweezers...

oh, they have eyebrows lemme tell ya

Yes, you can get pubic lice on your eyebrows.

No. Reptiles don't have hair, which is what eyebrows are made of.

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