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How do you get cigarette smoke smell out of a mattress?


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September 07, 2007 5:00PM

If you've got a few extra dollars to put towards this,a textile cleaning firm should be able to remove offending odors from the fabric. The tools and the chemical emulsions at their disposal can make the mattress virtually 'brand new'. If the company you hire is worth their salt,the cleaning process should,at least,remove the bulk of the smell. Method's I've heard of:

1. Citrus fabric deodorizers with grapefruit seed extract.

2. Vinegar mixes and bowls of vinegar in the room

3. Baking soda over night then vacuum it up

4. Setting it out in the sun for a couple days

5. Covering it in plastic with baking soda all over it for a week or so.

6. Taking it to a fire reclaimation business for an Ozonation treatment.

7. Taking up smoking so you don't care about the smell anymore:)

8. Sometimes it's so bad and permeated that the only thing left to do is live with it or throw it out.